1. mammoth1981

    I've been out of the loop since 2006, where to start for a £100 mp3 player?

    My last mp3 player was my beloved Meizu M6 Miniplayer - but it's dead now :( I'm after something to replace it and was hoping for some advice. My only requirements are: non-proprietary cable, drag & drop file transfer, decent quality sound, reasonable interface, smallish size (ie not as big as a...
  2. HiFiRE

    Headphone store in Bangkok?

    My k81dj broke (just the platic) while travelling through south east asia and I want to get a replacement when I get to Bangkok in a couple weeks. I doubt I'll find any high end headphones in Laos. Anyone know of a headphone store in Bangkok?
  3. Meizu M6 (1st Generation) 8GB (Black)

    Meizu M6 (1st Generation) 8GB (Black)

    Meizu M6 (1st Generation) 8GB (Black)