1. AtariPrime

    Bass-Heavy Earbuds (something new)

    I have been on somewhat of a quest lately. The quest, to find the best possible bass response earbuds that also happens to sound decent at other ranges, fit comfortably, is durable enough to handle the gym, and priced below $100. This is a topic that has been talked about over and over, however...
  2. FlipBack

    Sennheiser CX200

    Saw these on sale at Newegg for $15 and am wondering how they sound?  I'm currently using a pair of Nu-Force NE-600X that I got for $25.
  3. MarkRT

    replacement for defective JVC HA-FXC80? - limited to JVC USA options

    Hi everyone,   longtime lurker, and love the extensive IEM reviews, so thanks for all who have contributed!   I had a set of JVC HA-FX80 IEMs, which I quite liked once the bass improved upon burn-in.   They crapped out, and JVC said they are discontinued (as is the FX300 series), so...
  4. graphicdisaster

    Nice Pair of IEMs for Under $40?

    First of all, I stumbled across Head-Fi yesterday while browsing reviews on headphones and whatnot, and I am really appreciative of all the time and effort you guys put into your reviews and recommendations to other Head-Fiers. I think it's absolutely fantastic.   Now, to my original reason...
  5. ScumbagBrain123

    Anyone with a large experience of IEMs, please help me decide... (Hear me out)

    I am looking for some purely bass specified IEMs. All that matters is bass for me, as I listen to lots of bassy music (although rap happens to be excluded). I want to get the dirtiest, muddiest, loudest bass possible. Yeah, I know, "He wants muddy bass? What's with this guy?". Well, this is...
  6. BdTigerZ

    Long lasting, Great sounding in-ear earphones under $60 (Australian)

    HI I am new here and I wanted a suggestion. I have previously had apple earphones, logitech ue 200(fell apart) and Phillips SHE3580(stopped Working) they all lasted about a month and they were junk. I was wondering which earphones will be the best out of these? I would want them to last atleast...
  7. donnyz89

    Looking for an upgrade - clear mids, good vocal

    MODS:  Sorry meant to post in the help/recommendation forum.   Hi, I'm looking for potentially making an upgrade.    What I have: Meelectronic M31, M9, HT-21. and Brainwavz Pro Alpha.   What I dislike: I found both meelectronic IEM to have too much bass. And the vocal seems to be off in...
  8. zerocoolhifi

    $40 IEM Battle Royale (RHA MA-350 Added 3-1-13)

    Thinking of a christmas gift - for myself of course - which one is the best in the $40 price range. Who's got the Bass punch, tight mids, clear highs (no shrill please) and the widest sound stage. Contenders are: SoundMagic E10 (have these already) Sony MH1C RHA MA-350 Thinksound Rain (Little...
  9. Fangle

    Meelec M31 with poor sound, is it me or the equipment?

    M31  --  Ordered because I do like bass in my music.  I have now been through my entire collection of ear tips as well as the entire Monster SuperTips sample pack and I have one set of silicone tips that seal.  They fit well enough that it pulls a vacuum in my ears when I remove them and I get...
  10. Ishcabible

    MEElectronics M31 Review: Bombastic Budgeteers

                    The following review is for the MEElectronics M31. I’d like to thank MEE for providing me with a review sample. The M31 is the top of MEElectronics’ revised M line of IEM’s. It is advertised with having a fun, bassy sound, with lots of air. Basically, you should believe what MEE...
  11. MEElectronics M31-BK In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Black)

    MEElectronics M31-BK In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Black)

    M31 In-Ear Headphone. Fun is what the M31 is all about, giving you a fun, punchy presentation with good space and enhanced bass. Providing warmth along with 5 color choices of the the cool two-tone housing, this earphone delivers! oThe Original M Series in-ear headphones have a fun sound with...