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replacement for defective JVC HA-FXC80? - limited to JVC USA options

  1. MarkRT
    Hi everyone,
    longtime lurker, and love the extensive IEM reviews, so thanks for all who have contributed!
    I had a set of JVC HA-FX80 IEMs, which I quite liked once the bass improved upon burn-in.
    They crapped out, and JVC said they are discontinued (as is the FX300 series), so they will offer a "comparable" replacement or else a refund.
    I paid just under $35, so I'm now being offered the HA-FX1X or HA-FXC51 (or HA-M5X, over-ear), though I'm not sure I'm too thrilled with any of those options, given I can buy any of them for less than what I paid for the FXC80. 
    Would you suggest that any of those three are truly comparable/suitable replacements, or should I push for a refund and buy something else?
    FWIW, I listen mostly to breakbeats, funk, other EDM, etc. so solid bass is kind of a prerequisite, but I do want decent overall sound quality (sorry, I lack the tech-knowledge to be more detailed).
    any insight is much appreciated!
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I suggest you take the refund and consider SoundMAGIC E10 or MEElectronics M31 or Sony MH1C. I will also recommend staying away from JVC FX1X completely.

    Here's an E10 review.


    And the Sony MH1 thread.


    You will be much happier with the refund and choosing another imo.
  3. MarkRT
    thanks very much for the suggestions.
    I find it rather strange that JVC USA continues to list both the FXC80 and FX300 series on their site if they are discontinued - and why not hold back some stock for warranty issues for a period of time afterwards?
    I will check out the ones you mentioned, thanks!

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