1. turbobb

    MDR-7506 Driver screws? (Part No: 7-685-232-19)

    Need some help locating a seller for the screws that hold down the drivers (4 each for total of 8). They are listed in the service manual as: Ref No: 23 Part No: 7-685-232-19 Description: SCREW +KTP 2.6X5 TYPE2NON-SLIT Exhausted google and auction sites but can't locate them. Anyone have any...
  2. T

    Sony MDR 7506 hurts my ear

    Hi all, I've recently bought the MDR 7506 after reading tons of positive reviews. The headphones indeed sound as good as I expected. However, my ear pinna is hurt after approximately an hour of listening, and it's painful. My question is will the comfort improve if I replace the stock ear...
  3. C

    and the saga goes on - Sony MDR 7506

    Back in 2012, while shoping for a new headphone, the Head-FI forum proved to be an extremely valuable tool in helping me decide which headphone to go for - The SONY MDR-7506. One change I made was the recommended changing of the leatherette pads to the Beyerdynamic DT250 velour pads. Fast...
  4. Superlux HD661 Anti-Sibilance and Comfort Mod

    Superlux HD661 Anti-Sibilance and Comfort Mod

    Introduction: Superlux HD661 is Superlux's cheap clone to the Sony's legendary MDR-7506(Minus the Audio Technica Wing-Type headband). Due to Superlux carelessly aiming for the MDR-7506 frequency response(Since they could also aim for Balanced Frequency response because Sony designed the 7506...