1. furyagain

    just received the MKVII+ from little dot, but i am getting crackling sound from the right side>>

    I was so happy today, as i received the MKVII+ today , but after i pluged it then turned the amp on, without even turn up the volume nob( at zero), i can hear weak crackling sound.   I get that even without my LD DAC1 pluged in,   anyone know why???? will it be the headphone plugin...
  2. P4Z

    Is my Little Dot MK VII actually single ended? What's going on??

    I have a Little Dot MK VII which I bought from Worldwide Chinese Headphone Amplifier Dealer, who are an authorised retailer. I believe I read somewhere that only 1/4" out is active when using input 2 (RCA in). I hadn't done any direct comparisons between balanced and unbalanced input until...
  3. HeatFan12

    Getting My Feet Wet With Balanced- MKVII Initial Impressions

    To celebrate my 3rd year anniversary on this wonderful site, I decided to get myself a little gift. I have always wondered about the balanced world. Everything I read in reference to balanced was positive, in particular with the HD650s. The main problem for me was in the investment, (source...
  4. Bowedtoothdoc

    Little Dot MKVII+ Jumper Settings.

    Does anyone know the correct jumper settings for the MKVII+ for the Low and High outputs. I am assuming the the units ship with the Low setting by default?
  5. furyagain

    need advice on amp LD MKVII+( should i upgrade from MKV)?

    Currently i have a LD DAC1 + MKV combo and i was thinking about getting a MKIII or MKIV also..( to try out the tube sound)   but  the more i read about the MKVII+ the more i want to get it...     if i get a MKVII+ and sell the MKV now , i will not be able to get a MKIII or IV now...
  6. S

    Little Dot MK VII+ paired with a HD 800?

    Current setup: Little Dot Dac I > Little Dot MK III > HD 650. I expect to get a HD 800 in the coming years. But before I get there I would like to replace my LD MK III with the LD MK VII+ (Little Dot Amplifiers • View topic - Little Dot MK VII+ Balanced Headphone Amplifier). Now will...
  7. moodyrn

    Hifiman HE-5 + Little Dot MKVII+ = Wow!!!

    I've been very interested in the HE-5s ever since the first impressions started rolling in. So I decided to wait until the right opportunity presented itself and get a used pair already burned in since the warranty is transferable. On my main rig I have a pair of lambda signatures mated...
  8. mirh

    Little dot MKVII or Audio-gd C2C ?

    Little dot MKVII is balanced so I could use my D2000 in ballanced mode. Frankly speaking I’m not sure if MKVII is real balanced amp like Audio-gd ROC, but it has balanced in and out. C2C is not balanced amp i has only balanced input. The BIG question is how do they compare to each other...
  9. Little Dot MK VII

    Little Dot MK VII

    The Little Dot MK VII is a fully balanced headphone amplifier with single-ended compatibility. The circuit is composed of four independent channels with the National Semiconductor LME49710HA serving in each pre-amplification stage, and the LME49600TS in the output buffer stage. The four...