1. SBranson

    Balanced amp for Beyerdynamic T1s

    I've been out of audio for quite a while so coming back I was amazed how many choices are out there.  I've through a few sets of headphones looking for my "sound" and now have Beyerdynamic T1s/   I was looking at this all from a portable perspective as I wear these while working at home and...
  2. SBranson

    Balanced amp for Beyerdynamic T1

    I've been out of audio for quite a while so coming back I was amazed how many choices are out there.  I've through a few sets of headphones looking for my "sound" and now have Beyerdynamic T1s/   I was looking at this all from a portable perspective as I wear these while working at home and...
  3. novasound

    Little dot MK6+

    Hello, I create that thread because I need some help. I bought a beyerdynamic T1, but the headamp choose is very confused. I wanted to take the Woo audio WA2 or Decware CSP2+, because these headamps sounds to make a nice combo with the T1. but I live in france, so buy a new WA2 or CSP2...
  4. jarvis2010

    Little Dot MK V or MK VII? help

    Hi head-fi people!   First of all, I love this board and I've been learning a lot.   I own HD650s with a Xonar Essence STX soundcard (pretty common I guess) so they sound closed.   I'm planning on buying a good Amp this month to find back the wider soundstage/unveiled/non...
  5. Acapella11

    Please post your Little Dot MK VII+ impressions

    Looking at different solid state headphone amps, I'd quite fancy an amp with balanced inputs to connect to my Musical Fidelity M1. So, I was contemplating the Little Dot MK VII+ but I couldn't find many persons experience with it.   What is its sound signature? Is this amp worth the money...
  6. buddymydog

    Got my hd-650 today, won it for $305 on ebay...

    Sounds pretty magical even unamped....any $250 or under amp suggestions?
  7. Sorensiim

    A warm-ish SS amp below $500?

    I'm currently driving my Ultrasone Pro 900 directly from my Yulong D100. It's an awesome DAC with a totally decent built-in headamp, but it's VERY transparent, bordering on cold. I like my DAC as transparent as possible, but for the Pro 900's I'd love a slightly warmer presentation. I'm not...
  8. superman0390

    Balancing HD 600 with little dot MK VII

    Hi guys,   I have a mini matrix balanced DAC, little dot mk VII, silver xlr interconnects and a HD 600 with stock cable. I wanna go balanced with my setup. The thing is the little dot mk VII have the single ended 1/4 jack and the xlr 4 pin jack, anyone knows if it's possible to go balanced...
  9. superman0390

    Need help!!!

    Hi i just bought a HD 600 and a little dot Mk VII amp. I have no idea how to connect the amp to my Macbook pro. The previous owner of the amp gave me this two headed silver interconnect that has 3 holes with one end being male and the other end being female. May i know how do i connect the amp...
  10. BeyerMonster

    Matched Pair Russian Military Tubes

    Looking to sell matched pair of NOS Voshkod Russian Military Tubes. I only used them for < 10s to verify that they work (can play the Windows test tone).   For use with ALO Pan Am or any other amp compatible with the following tube types: Analogs: E95F, EF95, EF905, 6F32 "Tesla", 6AK7, 5654...
  11. realmassy

    Beyerdynamic T1

    Jeez, just pulled the trigger on a T1 (pre order) from Moon Audio, re-terminate with a 4 pin XLR. This will be my first high end headphone... Funny enough, I have no idea about the sound, just read some reviews...finger crossed!
  12. chris.d.m.

    Low cost XLR Balanced input HP amp for LCD-2 ?

    Please help if ya can... The scenario: LCD-2 is on the way. It will be used mostly in the studio to aid in mixing. I have a Lavry DA-10 DAC which provides an ostensibly powerfull enough / sufficient on paper amp for the LCD-2. But, I'm less than convinced it will give them enough juice / oomph...
  13. voodoohao

    Darkvoice 337 vs Little Dot MKVII+

    Just wanted to ask anything has tried these two amps before and could post their thoughts on them? Currently I've just splurged like crazy on a used set of MKVII+, Matrix Mini dac and a HD650, wanting to try a balanced setup. Initial impressions seem promising as the HD650s seem slightly more...
  14. voodoohao

    Little Dot MKVII+ Question

    Hi just wondering what's the difference between the Little Dot MKVII and Little Dot MKVII+? I've just bought a MKVII+ and I'm not sure what's the difference between the two amp models. I've checked a website called audiophile china carrying Little Dot products but it seems they only sell...
  15. hadibg

    Ultrasone HFi-780 amp + dac - LD MKVII+ + DAC I?

    Hey there, people of head-fi!   After a few days of research I think I may need to update my whole current setup. I have decided I need a new DAC + amp (I currently use an M-audio firewire solo as both), chiefly because I am looking to the DT 990s in the near future. I believe that the...
  16. amcananey

    The List: Balanced amps under $1,000 (aka Amps NOT to buy)

    I have been looking for a list of "budget" balanced amps. I say "budget", because it seems that balanced amps that cost less than $1,000 are few and far between. Even those that exist generally cost around $800. I wasn't able to find a list of balanced amps, much less a list of budget balanced...
  17. lup31337

    Balanced connection DAC + amp + headphones

    I dunno much about the balanced connection but sounds pretty interesting. Price is an important factor in my future purchase so i decided on these components :   Cambridge audio DACmagic Little dot MK VII Sennheiser hd 650 with balanced cables   My question is if this is a good...
  18. Eagle Eye

    Little Dot MK VII+ vs Purity Audio KICAS

    Presently using the KICAS with the DACMAGIC and HD 650's. What benefit if any would I get from using the LD MK VII+? I am pretty happy with the sound of the KICAS but may want to go balanced at some point and with the other amp I could do that. Do you think there would be any benefit to SQ...
  19. Bowedtoothdoc

    Little Dot MKVII+ Available Now!

    From the Little Dot Website: Little Dot Amplifiers &bull; View topic - Little Dot MK VII+ Balanced Headphone Amplifier The Little Dot MK VII+ is a fully balanced, dual-mono headphone amplifier with single-ended compatibility. The circuit is composed of four independent channels with...
  20. hardtarget666

    Looking for a Balanced Amp/Dac combo for HD650

    I currently have the HD650 and I'm looking to get a Balanced Amp/Dac combo. I am looking to spend not more than  £450 (around $700) though I don't mind stretching it a little if its worth it.  After endlessly going through various threads, the only decent option I can find in this price range is...
  21. haveblue

    LD DAC_I + MKVII, best budget balanced setup?

    Would this be the best balanced combo in the as-shipped price range of $750? I'd like to power a set of HD800's.   In other words, is this the best-sounding setup I can buy for under $2000, balanced or single ended?
  22. furyagain

    Just picked up a Firestone Libby DAC/AMP

     I just picked up a Firestone new Dac/Amp from oen of the local store "Absolute audio"   I am still a noob , can't really give much impression.  it is now connected to my secondary PC using coaxial to my forte 7.1 sound card   onething i like it alot is... No hissing when i use the...
  23. furyagain

    Which is better ?? LD dac1+MK VII+ or Libby??

    My main desktop setting is ld dac1 + LD MKVII+ also a MKIVse I wonder how will the firestone Libby compare to my current setting now. Which is better ? As I am planning to get the Libby, and want to put the better one next to my main desktop. Any opinion is welcome!
  24. IceClass

    MDR-CD3000 owners what amp do you power them with?

    I've been playing around with my Sony CD3000s a lot lately. Switching them between the various amps I have on hand I'm reminded of what a temperamental and amplifier dependent set of cans these are. They go from lush on the Woo to harsh on the Aural. As such, I'm suddenly curious what other...
  25. furyagain

    Will little dot MKIV se be able to drive Beyerdynamic T1 decent???

    I just paid for a T1  and should receive it  in like a week,   but this make me wonder, how good will my current amp be able to drive it.   Little dot MKIV se Little dot MKV ( which is going to be sold) Little dot MKVII+ ( which i should receive it  2 weeks later( sent back for...