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  1. Little Dot GYFU

    Little Dot GYFU

    Independent Triple Driver with Unique Structure GYFU is the latest HiFi headphone created by Little Dot. Each driver performs its own functions well while being harmonious. The feature is accomplished by independent three frequency drivers with unique multi-driver structure. Designed with a...
  2. Little Dot MK III SE

    Little Dot MK III SE

    Little Dot MK III SE is a hybrid and fully balanced amplifier, you can think of it as the ultimate upgrade for MK III series. It uses 6922 as its preamp tubes(6922/ECC88,6DJ8); Transistor part runs on a fully discrete, fully symmetry, and pure class A circuit design; The machine is balanced...
  3. Little Dot Cu-series KIS

    Little Dot Cu-series KIS

    Cu KIS Flagship IEM, no compromise 4 driver IEM, with two 10mm dynamic and two armature Multilayer looping structure housing with special alloy cable The name KIS came from Little Dot’s principle, Keep Improving and Sincere...
  4. Little Dot Cu-series CEN

    Little Dot Cu-series CEN

    Cu Cen Best IEM from Little Dot for vocal music Soft-frame encapsulation coaxial 8mm diaphragm and an armature Silver plated 6N copper cable included Cen was inspired by a pair of IEM that’s focus on vocal, however, we believe Cen has...
  5. Little Dot Wyn (CU-series)

    Little Dot Wyn (CU-series)

    Cu Wyn Low bass IEM 5-layer 8mm dynamic, and an armature Walnut housing, extreme comfort. Little Dot is giving the new definition for low bass IEMs, for those who enjoy pop, EDM, metal, rock n’ roll, and ACG, this is our gift for you! Wyn represents Little Dot’s...
  6. jackgotjacked

    preamp + headphone amp would it work?

    Hi, I just bough a used Bravo Audio Ocean which is currently using a Sylvania 12AU7A. It is connected to a Behringer UMC202 and it powers a Sony MDR-7506. I'm planning an upgrade for both interface and amp. Likely a Topping DAC and the Little Dot MKII. The question is: I would like to keep...
  7. D

    Little Dot a little odd.

    Hi Guys and gals. New here. I love my Little Dot MkIII powering the Beyer DT990's. The line out feeds two Meridian 105 power amps which powers a pair of Yammy NS1000. Heres the thing(s); The headphones act as a microphone, feeding audio back into the Little Dot which, I can hear through the...
  8. aftalifex

    Little Dot MKIV failure

    Hey, not sure if this is the correct place to post but I don't see any obvious better places to post. My little dot within the last month started crackling in the right ear as the amp turned on and warmed up. Shortly after, the right ear became almost completely off. The left side worked fine...
  9. TheRock99

    Good amp (w/ or w/o DAC) for Grado SR325e and FLC 8S

    Hello, as a gift to be made during the Christmas period I would buy my first headphone amplifier (alone or even with a DAC) for my equipment to use at home. I have a budget of about $ 200 (even between used). Among the products that seemed most interesting I found: - Little Dot MKII...
  10. RoboJ1M

    Looking for well priced, over ear, closed back, 8 hours comfortable 'phones

    Hi, Currently I have the following: 1) a HiFimeDIY Dabre DAC. 2) Some fancy entry level interconnects from the DAC toL 3) a LittleDot MkIII headphone amp 4) A pair of Sennheiser HD595s However, I have been told not to use the 595s at work any more because they leak too much sound and disturb...
  11. 3

    What fuse to use in Little Dot MK III?

    My previously used unit came without the fuse. So the unit is not powering on unfortunately. Wondering what fuse I should be trying to get for this ? thanks
  12. V

    Amp for 6xx

    I'm ordering a 6xx from MassDrop and need some guidance in powering them. I'm quite new to amplifying headphones. I'm currently trying to decide between buying the Magni 3 or the LittleDot MkII on Massdrop (with the JAN5654 tubes). The research I've done shows a wide variety of opinions and...
  13. M

    Little Dot MKIII Issue! Transformer? Help!

    Greetings, I have come to these forums looking for help with my Little Dot. I use it primarily at my office... Today, out of nowhere, it started to make a loud buzzing noise from the transformer. DC offset was my first thought, but the buzzing was also accompanied by abnormally high...
  14. me2621a

    MrSpeaker Ether Flow or VOCE

    Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted but I am getting ready for a headphone/equipment upgrade and I wanted to get some thoughts about the two options I am considering and see if you guys can help guide my decision making process. What I currently have: Emotiva XDA-2 -> Little...
  15. rexhu100

    Little Dot's Current Flagship

    I don't think LD is getting enough love from our community in general, but I think it's a bit ridiculous that there is absolutely no information on LD's current flagship LD Y1 on head fi. Of course this is partially LD's own problem, and the product is not even on their own website. So, has...
  16. Redge78

    Little Dot MK8SE / MK6 Super Mods (All verified mods are on first page)

    If you're a beginner in electronics or, better yet, don't know crap about it, stay at the first page where all verified mods are explained in a newbie friendly fashion. If you read the thread backwards things can get very confusing.    ...
  17. Little Dot PA_V

    Little Dot PA_V

    The Little Dot PA_V is our fifth generation portable headphone amplifier, and has been re-designed from the ground up. Based around Analog Device's flagship operational amplifier the AD8620 and the J-FET-input dual OP-AMP MUSES8920 acting as a high current buffer, the Little Dot PA_V packs...
  18. dmacg

    Little Dot 2++

    Headphone amplifier
  19. hogofogo

    Little Dot combo

    Hello All,   I would like to get your opinion on the following combos:     Little Dot DAC_I   - with -   Little Dot MARK IV or Little Dot MARK III   Can you think of any better options/combinations in the same price range? (Little Dot DAC_I $269,- Little Dot MARK IV...