1. MVK0910

    Headphones + Amplifier -- MAX $2000

    Hi fellow audiophiles!   I am happy for my custom ER-4P with D12 amplifier, but it is soon time for me to upgrade my setup as I am beginning to have the money again. For a long time, I have been looking at JH Audio’s combination of the JH13 and the soon to be released JH-3A, an offer I...
  2. bthrb4u

    Input from the best of the best PLEASE! AH-D7000. If anyone finds this thread helpful PLEASE thumbs up and i will leave my input on my purchase after i receieved the headphone!

    Hey Head-fi!I am so cluttered in my head with trying to make a decision to get a headphone.  This hole headphone hobby is one big mind puzzle and a truly submersable one.  I use to play video games religiously due to a broken leg, leaving me to be stuck in my house at all times.  That's...
  3. swbf2cheater

    Best soundstage up to $225

    looking for some suggestions on a set of closed back circumaurials with the best soundstage for the price.  Im looking for vast width height and depth with the best overall stage and immersion possible that is easily driven for the budget.     am i to look at the D2000 and nothing else lol?
  4. anoldvolvo240

    phones you bring out and about, and phones you come home to

    whats up music lovers. just curious about peoples daily routine, headphone wise.  what phones do you take out with you, and which do you think about coming home to?   on the go i roll with sr225s. I used to be wary about bringing them outside, but now i cant help it.   then i come home...
  5. erikzen

    Review: Lawton Audio LA7000

    Note This review is long overdue. markl was kind enough to lend me the LA7000 for an extended listen in exchange for writing up my thoughts. In short order I was able to put together some in depth impressions of the headphones, but I wanted to dig in deeper since these headphones really...
  6. N0sferatu

    Lawton Audio LA2000 "Lite"

    Okay guys I'm thinking of splurging on these bad boys.   First and foremost I just got an Audio GD-FUN (Version A -- AD1852, DIR9001) and it seems it's got more than enough power for my HD595 (Sennheiser) cans right now so I'm sure it can power the...
  7. Lawton Audio lite LA2000

    Lawton Audio lite LA2000

    There’s nothing “light-weight” about our new LA2000– except the price! The ideal solution for the headphone fanatic who wants to get all the benefits of our LA2000 headphone, without spending a fortune on the cable, yet still desires an upgraded wire. The LA2000 “Lite” gives you all the...