1. pearljam50000

    NuForce HA-200

    I couldn't find many reviews and impressions here, can anyone share thoughts about it? Thanks.
  2. neworder75

    Vsonic GR07, FischerAudio DBA02, Brainwavz B2, HiFiMan RE262... Or any other below u$s200 which doesn´t need an amp?

    Hi,     I´m looking for replace my nuforce ne7. And I´m interested in the mentioned iems.     The idea is to spend less than u$s 200 and buy an item which doesn´t need an amp. I mostly listen to electro, techno, pop.     Does anyone have an idea if these ones need an amp? Does anyone know...
  3. swaffleman

    JVC HA-S200 "Riptidz" on ear headphones

    I think these must be brand new, because there are absolutely no reviews on them anywhere. Anyway, I got them at HH Greg for $26. They are over the ear phones, of a medium size I'd say. The ear cups completely cover my ear, but they don't enclose around the ear.   ...
  4. desertpeaks

    JVC HA-S160 Flats compared to the HA-S200 Riptidz???

    Hello all! I am quite blown away with how good the Flats are! Just curious to know if anyone has done any direct comparisons between the 2? I think I will pick up a set of 200's tomorrow and see what I find..just wondering if any of you have compared them side by side? Thanks!
  5. ralphsv

    The tipical quest for 1st headphones recommendation

    Hello. I'm Ralph, adn this is my first time in the forums. I'm also totally new to the high quality sound world. I had always listened to music with the headphones included by default with my players, as well as simple headphones I bought in the way, Some time ago, I finally decided to try...
  6. hallucynogenyc

    Bang for the buck portable headphones at 50$ max

    Hi.   I've always used in-ear headphones because I mainly listen to music on the subway etc and they seemed the only option. However, a friend of mine bought a pair of JVC HA-S600-R headphones. They are very comfortable, when they are folded they take almost no space and they sound way better...
  7. JVC HA-S200

    JVC HA-S200

    Introducción Easy single-ear monitoring, foldable design and a choice of four colors are all features of the new JVC Riptidz HA-S200 headphones. The new headphones offer high quality sound reproduction in a light, foldable on-ear design that also offers a flip-up earpiece for “DJ-style”...