1. V

    AKG K702, HiFiMan HE400S (not se), HE400i (2016, not the new one) or raise money for Sundara? All EQd

    I'm looking for a COMFORT first, sound second upgrade from my Sennheiser Game One headphones. Their bass rolloff when EQd is alright but I find the clamp force to be too much (after using them for 6 years now) so I suppose 400S will also be good enough here. Thing is that I have to decide soon...
  2. sennheiserhd485

    Cheapest USB amp/DAC for HifiMan HE400i 3.5mm (not 2020)?

    Cheapest USB amp/DAC for HifiMan HE400i 3.5mm (not 2020)?
  3. sennheiserhd485

    Cheapest USB amp/DAC for HifiMan HE400i 3.5mm (not 2020)?

    Cheapest USB amp/DAC for HifiMan HE400i 3.5mm (not 2020)?
  4. HIFIMAN HE400i Ver.2020

    HIFIMAN HE400i Ver.2020

    Audiophile Sound: Outstanding sonics that eclipse most other headphone designs. Massive diaphragm allows high signal input and flexible tone control. Very fast response time due to the lightweight diaphragm design. Evenly distributed magnetic force for low distortion and reproduction of live...
  5. J

    Need help choosing budget amp or dac amp for he 400i

    Hey guys I ordered hifiman he400i off amazon, but now i need help choosing amp or dac amp i should use for this can. Largely, I will be using my laptop (its a republic of gamer one, i dont know which series it is) and my phone (samsung note 9). I'm currently deciding between fiio q1 mk2 and...
  6. A

    Any closed back alternative to the Hifiman HE400i?

    This, i LOVE the HE400i sound signature, kind of airy and bright sound, but i need closed back headphones with low leakage. Do you know any closed back headphone with arround the same sound signature of the HE400i? My budget is MAX $200, I dont know if would be better buy a headphone with the...
  7. A

    It is worth buying expensive headphones to listen to music on Youtube?

    Hi, i wonder if it´s worth buying expensive headphones (like >$200) to listen to music on Youtube. I know there is a limit (192kbps) on the Youtube sound quality, so would i notice the difference between $200 and $1000 headphones if i listen music only via youtube? What would be the most you...
  8. S

    Dac/Amp for LCD X and HE400i

    Hello, i am looking to buy an amp/dac for these headphones, more importantly for the LCD X obviously, and currently i am deciding between Matrix Audio HPA-3U+, which has plenty of power, and the Fostex HP-A4BL which doesn't have as much power, but i am really not sure how much difference does...
  9. succmangoes

    Need help deciding between NAD VISO HP50's and Hifiman HE400i

    Hello all, I'm a new member to Head-fi, but I've been lurking here for a while. I have experience with some nicer speakers, but not headphones. Unfortunately I won't be able to use my speakers anymore. :disappointed_relieved: I listen to a lot of different music but focus more on jazz and...
  10. Nolbert0

    Adjustable (reversible) bass mod for HE-400i

    Preface I've made feeble attempts to find this elsewhere on this forum so my deepest apologies it this was already posted before. This is me popping my thread cherry so please (at least) be mildly gentle... I got the HE-400i as my first venture into the world of planars. My only 'serious'...
  11. I

    MrSpeakers AEON vs LCD2

    I'm currently using LCD2 (fazor) as my main cans however I'm unable to wear them for longer than 30-45mins or so due to them being so darn heavy and huge (clearly, girls are just not a target market for headphone manufacturers...*sigh*) At the end of the day no matter how much I love their sound...
  12. almoskosz

    Stax L-300 vs Monoprice M1060

    Hi, help me to choose! I know, they are really different, but I am switching from an HE-400i and can't decide. Both are about the same price (with amp and dac). I'd like to go with the L-300, but I fear it doesn't have enough bass (at least 400i quantity). As for the M1060, after listening to...
  13. T

    Hifiman HE400i w/ Audeze Vegan Pads

    Selling my Audeze HE400i, modded with the Audeze Vegan ear pads ($65). Added them after reading lots of praise - the pads are much more comfortable to wear for longer periods, deeper, and increase their clarity. Excellent value planar magnetic phones, strong clarity and a wide soundstage...