1. Yukiho_starrysky

    Grado SR225e or SR325e

    Hi all! Recently I bought myself a Sony NW-A35 to play my lossless files on the go, and to replace my aging iPod Touch 4th gen which if I were to grade using Audiogon's scale, 4/10. The shop where I bought it from let me try out their headphones and hearing good things about Grado, I tried out...
  2. [No title]

    [No title]

    Grado SR-325e
  3. BusinessMan

    Grado SR80-E Impressions and Comparison?

    I spent 3 hours in an audio store yesterday.  It was my first time really trying on a bunch of headphones and comparing them with one another.  I was able to develop my own opinions about the different headphones, but I couldn't always come up with a reason as to why I liked one pair more than...
  4. Mysteek

    Upgrading from.. *gulp* DT880's

    I'm afraid to ask. How much more money will I lose if I want a better DT880? By that, I mean.. I want a more engaging sound. I found out that I love midrange (after listening to Paradigm speakers) and I'm not a basshead afterall (learned after hearing the SRH840's, ick, way too much bass). I...
  5. maxifunk

    The Official Grado 325e Owners Club!

    The Official Grado 325e Owners Club!   These are a Great low mid-tier Audiophile level headphones current pricing is $295.00 USD. The headphones details directly from the Grado web-site: Audio Specs: Transducer Type: Dynamic Operating Principle: Open Air Frequency Response: 18 - 24,000 hz...
  6. ryanjsoo

    Sennheiser IE800 vs Headphones?

    So as the title suggests, I`m considering selling off my ie800s and buying a similarly priced set of headphones, in particular I`m looking at the Grado sr325e and rs2e, I was wondering if these headphones will offer an improvement in sound quality or if they will simply be added bulk, I know...
  7. htr2d2

    Hello & Tubes for Lyr 2 & sr325e?

    Hello all! Long time lurker that has finally bought my first setup. Also, ..   Suggestions on tubes that match well with Grado Lab's SR325e?   Setup: Uber Bifrost DAC Lyr 2 Amp Source materials ranges from FLAC 16 to 24 bit, 44.1k to 192K Genres: classic rock, rock, gothic, funk, bass &...
  8. adtrance

    Worthy opposite of Grado 325e

    Hello Head Fi!   I'm looking to try opposing sound signatures from my new 325e and get a decent idea of the spread of sound that is available.     Not so much vertically (SR325e to PS1000) but more to broaden my horizons with the great many sounds that are out there.   It isn't that I'm...
  9. plonter

    My Grado SR325e's lost their magic

    I have a few monthes old SR325e. Suddenly in the last month or so, they becamse too warm and bassy and all the beautiful highs and mids are gone.   My rig is fine,there is nothing wrong with it..listening with the HD800's their sound just right. Any ideas what happened?    could it be related...
  10. funkymartyn

    GRADO SR 315i ...larger pads ?

    hi there , not been on this forum for a while, but was thinking does anyone know about the larger ear pads which fit the 315i, but are meant to be for the gs 1000   headphone ?.....Will it make a more comfy fit ? about the sound difference, if any ? anyone upgraded to these larger...
  11. Grado SR325e

    Grado SR325e

    The Top of the Range Prestige Series Headphone. The new SR325e has a new driver and cable design. The added mass from the metal housing minimizes transient distortions. With the new 8 conductor cable design you will notice superb control and stability of the upper and lower range of the...