1. yong_shun

    Giveaway Alert!

    To thank subscribers and followers of The Audiolocheese for constant support, I decided to host a regular giveaway. In the first series of giveaway, I chose four pair of IEMs as prizes: 1. TFZ No.3 2. KBEar Diamond 3. BLON BL05 4. Simgot EM2 To join, simply follow the instruction on...
  2. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni’s OctoberFrag Gaming Giveaway

    Dekoni’s OctoberFrag Giveaway! Like us on Facebook and follow the Shortstack link to enter for a chance to win our new Gaming Earpadz, the subterranean Razer Kraken, the elite Sennheiser PC37X, or $500 plus the Dekoni pads of your choice! The Facebook post |...
  3. radsone

    New: EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

    We are excited to introduce HE100, High-Resolution Earphones! The earphones are the next EarStudio flagship after ES100, the best selling high-resolution Bluetooth receiver. We’ve been preparing for earphones that match ES100’s performance to deliver the complete user experience. Even though...
  4. Clear Tune Monitors

    Announcing CTM's Da Vinci Series Giveaway @ RMAF 2018

    If you think you had already enough reasons to attend this year's CanJam @ RMAF 2018, we give you yet another one. This time around we're going all out with our giveaway and the winner will get his choice of 9-Driver or 10-Driver Da Vinci Series universal fit in-ear monitor. Giveaway Rules...
  5. Clear Tune Monitors

    Announcing the CTM PAFI Jakarta 2018 Giveaway winner

    Congratulations to Rizka Marina, winner of our CanJam Singapore 2018 Giveaway!!! Please contact us so you can redeem your Vintage Series VS-4
  6. Clear Tune Monitors

    Announcing the CTM CanJam NYC 2018 Giveaway winner

    Congratulations to Steven Xu, winner of our CanJam NYC 2018 Giveaway!!! Please contact us so you can redeem your Vintage Series VS-4
  7. Clear Tune Monitors

    CTM Vintage Series Giveaway at Rocky Mountain

    We're all ready for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and we wanted to give you a heads up for this year's giveaway. We will be giving away a Vintage Series VS-4 Universal Fit In-Ear and to participate you just have to pass by our booth, give us your feedback on which of our products you liked the...
  8. bolognesiluca

    CanJam London - Crossfade 2 Wireless Giveaway Winner

    Michael McMahon, congrats! You are the lucky winner of a pair of Crossfade 2 Wireless having entered our CanJam London giveaway. A huge thanks to Jude, Ethan, Joe and the Head-Fi organization for a great show and thanks to all the attendees who took time to visit our booth and try out our new...