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  1. Final Audio

    Final STORE and Final E500 introduced by Virtual Youtuber, Kazami YUIKA

    Final STORE In the past, Final has been trying to create opportunities to have direct interaction and communication with the community. From DIY earphone assembly events, open showroom, MAKE tuning event to acoustic engineering lecture which were regularly organized during the past few years, we...
  2. endless.skai


  3. F700

    SOLD Final Sonorous VI with lots of accessories, mint condition!

    I am selling my Final Sonorous VI headphone, which is in an absolute mind condition and comes with lot of accessories. The Sonorous VI sports a 50mm dynamic driver and a BA module for the highs. The sounds is very detailed and clean, with great mediums slightly pushed forward. The bass is...
  4. Final F3100

    Final F3100

    Bringing the driver unit closer to the ear drum, achieves an even more realistic, vivid sound quality. In order to achieve this in the F3100, we have meticulously downsized the housing with a design consisting of the minimum possible elements. Miniaturized to have a diameter of 5.5 mm, the...
  5. F700

    SOLD Final F3100 / mint condition, 2nd hand

    Here is a Final F3100 in an absolute mint condition to acquire at less than 50% of its MSRP. I traded a premium IEM cable against the Final F3100 on Head-Fi a few weeks ago (October 2019). I listened to the F3100 for maybe 1 or 2 hours. Incredibly detailed, zero sibilance or harshness...
  6. Climber

    FS: Final Audio Design Sonorous III award-winning headphones FAD, price drop

    Final Audio Design Sonorous III headphones. I love these but decided I really should make room for some ANC headphones for air travel. The headphones are in excellent condition, with no flaws that I can find. The detachable cable has a scrape on it that is very hard to show in photos, but it is...
  7. phammed

    [FS] Final Audio B1, Final Audio E5000

    Hey all, I’m selling my basically new pair of Final Audio B1 (1BA/1DD hybrid design) for $650 which I used for about a day or two and my trusty pair of Final Audio E5000 (single dynamic driver design) that have been used for about a year or two for $180. Reason for selling is that I initially...
  8. Ryan Tay

    Final audio B2

    pros Detail sounding, great ambiance, fat and thick midrange, good upper bass, very open sounding, airy vocals and instrument, good soundstage with depth and height Cons Can emphasis more on the treble region
  9. final D8000 Pro Edition

    final D8000 Pro Edition

    2019 New model, D8000 Pro Edition from final, Japan. General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: D series Model Name: D8000 Pro Edition Price: USD4299 Purchase link: [Audio46] Specification Drivers: Planar Magnetic with AFDS technology Housing Material: Aluminium Magnesium...
  10. final B3

    final B3

    2019 New model, B3 from final, Japan. Link to the other models in the same series: [B1] [B2] General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: B series Model Name: B3 Price: USD 499 Specification Drivers: 2 Balanced Armature (1 Tweeter + 1 Full Range Networkless) Housing Material...
  11. final B2

    final B2

    2019 New model, B2 from final, Japan. Link to the other models in the same series: [B1] [B3] General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: B series Model Name: B2 Price: USD 299 Specification Drivers: 1 Balanced Armature Housing Material: Stainless Steel Finishing: Gun Metallic...
  12. final B1

    final B1

    2019 New model, B1 from final, Japan. Link to the other models in the same series: [B2] [B3] General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: B series Model Name: B1 Price: USD 699 Specification Drivers: 1 Balanced Armature Tweeter + 1 Dynamic (Networkless) Housing Material: Stainless...
  13. boneburglar

    SOLD Final Audio E4000

    WTS my Final Audio E4000. Selling because I’m upgrading soon and don’t really have a use for having more than one or two IEMs. The sound signature is good for people who like a casual listen. Includes box and all original accessories. Will post pictures later.
  14. frapp2latte

    FS: Final Audio Piano Forte X-CC

    I'm selling my Final Audio Piano Forte X-CC. They are in great condition -- sonically and cosmetically. I don't see any obvious scratches on them upon inspection. The Piano Fortes are really quite beautiful and unlike other IEMs in the market. They will make a unique addition to your collection...
  15. final audio e1000

    final audio e1000

    The new entry model of final audio design. Spefications: Housing ABS Driver 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver Cable Black OFC Sensitivity 102dB/mW Impedance 16Ω Weight 15g Cord length 1.2m
  16. zilkhaw

    How do you think about Final

    Personally, I think I can assume myself to be a Final's (Previously called as Final Audio Design) fan. :ksc75smile: Final's tuning simply suits my taste and I have been using Final's IEM and headphone for almost 8 years. Until now, I have been using their Sonorous VI, FI-BA-SS, MAKE2, E3000 and...
  17. mrhizzo

    WTB: Piano Forte VIII or X

    I want to buy one Piano Forte VIII or X. If you have one, send me a message with details and price.
  18. Zerousen

    [SOLD][USA-TX] Final Audio E4000

    E4000 was very lightly used, none of the tips or accessories have been used as I have been using my own. I am asking $100 shipped.
  19. C

    Final Audio FI-BA-SS size vs E3000

    Hi head-fiers, Can someone with a pair of FAD FI-BA-SS do a quick measure for me from the end of the nozzle to the back? I’m keen to see the size difference between them and the E3000 before committing to the purchase. Thanks heaps!
  20. rocky2

    Beyerdynamic Byron (wired) vs Final Audio E2000/E3000

    I came across these two earphones which are similarly priced. ~$50. Both have excellent reviews and should be reliable. I want to get a budget portable earphone that has good midrange and good detail. Among the headphones i have, i like AKG K550 which is very spacious (?) and good separation...
  21. shsh

    WTS: Piano Forte X-G + Matching amplifier | Final Audio Design LAB 1

    Piano Forte X-G Condition 7.5/10 Working Condition 10/10 Comes with original packaging + accessories Price: $1300 USD Transportable amplifier handmade by Chim (From Thailand) Analogue sounding/Warm and musical Best synergy with Piano Forte X-G Price: $900 USD Amplifier + PF X-G Set: $2000 USD...
  22. final E4000

    final E4000

    E4000 Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. Delivers clear sound quality across all bandwidths and a sense of real, true-to life sound. Using the usual method of sound creation whereby certain high frequencies are emphasized, you’re...
  23. final E5000

    final E5000

    E series Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. We aimed for a product series where the products chosen would undoubtedly be referred to as standards for years to come. This series fulfills all of the following: high-quality sound...
  24. gallavardin

    [WANTED] Final Audio Lab 2

    I'm looking for final audio design lab II in good condition. I have some transactions at Head-fi and Audiogon to guarantee security. Please send me a PM for price and details. Thanks
  25. gtrx333

    Final Audio Design Heaven VIII - GOLD

    Comes as pictured, no box