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How do you think about Final


What do you think to be the cause for Final's product being underrated?

  1. Sound signature

  2. Price

  3. Design

  4. Comfort

  5. Don't know where to get them

  6. Bad reviews

  7. Lack of audition opportunity

  8. Never heard of Final or lack of publicity

  9. I know Final and I love them too! You are not alone!

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  1. zilkhaw
    Personally, I think I can assume myself to be a Final's (Previously called as Final Audio Design) fan. :ksc75smile:
    Final's tuning simply suits my taste and I have been using Final's IEM and headphone for almost 8 years.

    Until now, I have been using their Sonorous VI, FI-BA-SS, MAKE2, E3000 and E1000.


    I think the main reason I am loving them so much is how the music that I am listening to is delivered in an extremely clean and transparent form.

    As for MAKE2 (My current favorite), the capability to let me make my own tuning according to my preferences by simply changing filters is totally amazing and innovative. In 5min, I can change it from one way to the another. But unfortunately, it is difficult to be reached outside of Japan. :triportsad:


    For these 2 years, Final are slowly gaining their reputation in Japan, thanks to their latest line, E-series.
    E-series has won multiple awards compared to other products in the same price range in Japan.

    Personally, I have tried to compare Final's products with other products in the same price range which have a lot of good reviews online but I still prefer Final's.

    So as a fan of Final, a question pop out in my mind. While the other products are gaining so much reputation and good reviews, why the product that I think to be better seems like so underrated. Maybe, I am the weird one?

    Thus, if you do not mind to share a few minutes of your time with me, please share your opinion and experience in the comment. If you do not like to type, then answering the multiple choices poll by simply clicking is always appreciated. Thanks! :beerchug:
  2. FastAndClean
    they gain popularity from the E series because they are affordable, their FI BA SS is overpriced and the old BA line was good but a little bit expensive
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  3. zilkhaw
    I totally agree with FI-BA-SS being overpriced. I bought it 8 years ago, the first year I came to Japan simply because of one of my online friend highly recommended it to me but of course, he told me that the price is crazy though.
    So that time I save up from my part-time job for 3 months and I had 1k USD in hand, and I want to get something BIG, so went to Akihabara biggest electronic shop, and I look around on those earphones enclosed in glass cases.

    To be honest, my first audition on FI-BA-SS is mmmmmhhhhhgg? It is not really impressive for me. But that time I do not know much about earphone and headphone, so I reconfirm with my friend again, and I bought it simply by thinking that my level is not enough yet. LoL, sounds stupid I know.
    But after using it for a few months, except some part of the high are harsh for me, I really like it and I just cannot go to other product anymore. I love the brightness, clarity, transparency they have because I normally listening to piano and violin music instead of bassy or pop.

    But now, I just fell in love with my new MAKE2 and yeah, I admit, FI-BA-SS is REALLY Overpriced.
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  4. monsieurfromag3
    Final have no distributor in my country (France) at present. One store had the E5000 for 185€, I let them go at the time - they are now no longer carried there, impossible to audition, and almost impossible to buy, even online. This also means it is impossible to sample their line-up at audio shows. That’s a lot of impossible to overcome for prospective buyers!
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  5. zilkhaw
    I really hope that their online direct shop in Japan also send out their order out of Japan.
    Most of the other makers ship their item worldwide or some new company at least have their items available on AliExpress or some sort of services.

    Maybe I can try to ask them during the upcoming PortaFest if I am attending.
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  6. voxie
    Just listening to my newly acquired Final E4000's. Have to say from a price point together with the build quality they are incredible. They need a bit of juice though. Bought mine from Amazon from trusted reviewers here on Head-fi as I could not audition a set here in Ireland. Dare I say they are a "Boutique" brand. The E series hopefully will bring them more followers and in turn sales. Nice thread.
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  7. ClieOS Contributor
    Never find it to be underrated, but quite a few times find it to be overrated.
  8. boneburglar
    I love my E4000 as well. They get more use than my Sony MDR-7550 even (although I’d say the 7550 is better, just not good OTG). Only gripe is that while I got mine used, both MMCX connectors are verrryy slightly bent.
  9. H T T
    That could be said about any company. Please give specifics for your conclusion.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Many Final's higher end headphones and (especially) IEM are overpriced for their SQ despite their popularity, hense overrated. Thier lower end stuffs do offer better value, but not above and beyond the competitions, hence it is not underrated - especially consider the lower end E series is fairly well received here in the forum as well as in the few other forums I visit frequently.
  11. monsieurfromag3
    I think it’s easy to underestimate the level of craftsmanship involved in those “overpriced” items, as well as the breadth of R&D for every new line of Final products.

    As @voxie says they are a boutique brand. Not just implementing well-known solutions in a slightly different way as do many manufacturers shooting for higher perceived value, with record numbers of pre-calibrated BA drivers etc.

    That being said I remember auditioning the F7200 and being distinctly unimpressed, far favoring the Nuforce HEM8 at the time - but I was looking for a reference sound, which is not Final’s forte (one the reasons I love them), and may have struggled with the seal of the Final back then, as I had little experience with iems.

    That said, my Pandora Hope VI, as I keep stating, keep up with literally anything I’ve heard, open or closed-back, up to the $4000 price range. Not bad for a sometimes pricey brand. And the E line as you state are well received, many people preferring the E5000 to their ultra-expensive customs.
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  12. ClieOS Contributor
    I simply didn't see any particular technical speciality on many of Final's expensive IEM as far as sound quality being the main concern. Granted some are very much an eye candy while their 3D printing is quite special as far as manufacturing goes, it is unnecessary complicated that, to me, is more of a making for making sake / design for design sake and not so much for the pursuit of SQ nor very practical in use. I still recall the hype about Final's B.A.M (balanced air movement) when they first came to HF but in reality it is just a vented IEM design, neither new nor invented by Final but certainly good marketing. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Final hater. I do own a couple of Final's products myself, but mainly keep it to the lower end stuffs where it makes more sense to me.
  13. Ra97oR
    I have found that the Final IEM doesn't scale well from the cheaper model to the more expensive ones. In fact I tend to prefer their lower end models especially in the older lines. The latest E line is great compare to their older stuff.

    Their older full size are just heavy and uncomfortable to me without real highlight in sound. However their new D8000 planar which I found exceptionally good sounding.

    Final is finally shaping up to be more competitive to my mind outside their entry level gear without resorting to weird tuning and design as they did in the past.
  14. Oscar-HiFi
    Impossible to buy online? We're the UK Distributor :D
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  15. zilkhaw
    If I am not mistaken, Final has applied vent to their Piano Forte which was released around 2008 or 09. I guess during that time, none of the IEM in the market have started to add vents? I might be wrong though.

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