final E5000

General Information

E series
Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. We aimed for a product series where the products chosen would undoubtedly be referred to as standards for years to come.
This series fulfills all of the following: high-quality sound, simple design, user-friendly and affordable price.
With this, we aimed for a product series where the products chosen would undoubtedly be referred to as standards for years to come. It is because we’d like these to be used as tools for the mature user that won't want to part with them the more they are used, and because they are products we'd like those recognizing the pleasure of earphones for the first time to also use, we’ve integrated the results of the latest in acoustic engineering and psychological research.

Delivers clear sound quality across all bandwidths and immersive sound that seems to envelop you.
Utilizing the typical method of sound creation whereby certain high frequencies are emphasized, you’re given to feel vivid sound when you first listen, but because of this, other ranges are obscured and hard to hear.

With E5000, no particular sound ranges have been emphasized, and this, together with our commitment to detailed sound expression, achieves a vast sound stage that seems to envelop you, something unthinkable in earphones up until now.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sub-bass
Instrument Separation
Stainless steel
Cons: Has a bit too much Mid-bass quantity
maybe too warm sounding for some
Needs a powerful source
Bullet style fit might no suit everyone
plastic nozzle
MMCX on the cable is very tight and feels like you will break it everytime you remove it

Disclaimer: Bought at at my own expense.

Disclaimer 2: Burned in for at least 200 hours before I even began listening and didn’t listen to it during burn in so “brain burn in” is not possible.

Price: around 300 usd


Product code: FI-E5DSSD
Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
Driver: 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver
Connector: MMCX
Cable: OFC silver coated cable
Sensitivity: 93dB
Impedance: 14Ω
Weight: 24g
cable length: 1.2m



Silicon Carry Case

Final Type E tips SS/S/M/L/LL

OFC cable

Silicon Ear hook “adapter”



Cable: a very stiff cable but it is a very good cable and absolutely no need to change it. There are no ear hooks on the cable but with the included ear hook “adapter” you can chose to wear it up or down.

Which is a very good thing because it gives the user the choice instead of forcing you to wear it up if it has ear hooks and being less optimal wearing up if it does not have ear hooks. The plug (3,5mm and mmcx) and divider are made out of stainless steel so it certainly looks and feels very premium and also has a working chin slider.


Build: The iem itself is also made out of stainless steel with a chrome finish just like the cable. Very good build but there is one downside and that is that the nozzle is made out of plastic so it feels like they tried to cheap out and at this price range I feel it is a very bad thing to do. Since it is a bullet style iem it is a very small iem and therefore also very light despite being stainless steel.

Fit: I generally dislike bullet style iems since they always seem to fit worse than standard iems, but the E5000 has a very good fit despite that. The fit is good for everything besides training, in which case it can fall out of your ears. There are some microphonics if you wear it down because of the stiff cable, but wearing it up fixes that and helps the fit more.

Comfort: Since it is a small iem it doesn’t come in contact with your ear that much and also generates less heat, so the comfort is excellent for even longer listening sessions.

Isolation: isolation is below average because of the shape, and maybe due to the super hard to see vent at the back of the iem. So not recommended if you need a good isolation.


Setup: Fiio M11 high gain, stock cable, stock Type E LL tips

Lows: Very good bass quantity, it is enough to satisfy a basshead. But at the same time the bass isn’t very fast or tight and the texture isn’t very impressive. A lot of sub and mid bass at the same time. The amount of bass will make acoustic songs less suited because there is too much bass on them and this also applies to rock/metal where you want the bass to be fast/tight and clean. Slight bleeding into the lower mids and I feel like it could have been prevented if the bass was tighter and faster.

Mid-bass: Mid bass can be a bit too much for some, but for me the quantity is just right to make everything very musical.

Sub-bass: very powerful sub bass and can rumble very good. But at the cost of tightness.

Mids: since the bass quantity is on the larger side, you might expect the mids to be very recessed but it is actually not. Mids are VERY organic/natural so vocal centric music sounds very good, even though some might have too much bass. Female/male vocal balance is also very evenly balanced, although female vocals are a bit more forward due to it having some bass bleeding into the lower mids.

Female-vocals: extremely high quality while avoiding any hint of sharpness. Not many iems have this level of female vocals quality while also having ZERO sibilance.

Male-vocals: While the quality is on a high level, since there is some bass bleeding into the lower mids it will make female vocals stand out more.

Highs: excellent treble, the quality is on a very high level and sounds extremely organic/natural and might be the most natural treble I have heard. Very gentle treble since the quantity is low and very even with the mids. Extension is also very good despite having low treble quantity overall.

Soundstage: above average soundstage.

Tonality: a very thick and warm sounding iem that has a L-shaped sound to it. Timbre is top tier; it has an overall better timbre than the Blon BL-03 except in the bass where the 03 is better.

Details: Very high detail despite it being a warm iem. Very impressive for a single DD.

Instrument Separation: very good separation, and very impressive for a single DD.

Songs that highlight the IEM: ,
Good genres: EDM, Hip-hop, R&B,house, Pop, some acoustic songs without much bass.

Bad genres: acoustic songs with bass, rock, metal.


Blon BL-03:
03 has harsher treble, more quantity. Mids are similar but 03 has a bit more female vocals, which does make it have slightly worse female/male balancing. Bass is extremely similar in presentation (sub and mid bass quantity) but E5000 extends lower has more rumble and a bit more quantity overall, 03 has tighter bass though and speed is similar in both.

Soundstage, details and separation is better on the E5000. Timbre is slightly better in the E5000, sounds more natural and makes the 03-sound sharp in comparison. E5000 has a very soft, relaxed and warm signature to it and 03 has a more “fun” and brighter signature. If you like a touch of brightness while also having a very strong bass then the 03 should suit you. If you like a warm, natural/organic and deep bass then the E5000 should suit you more.

Shozy Form 1.1: 1.1 has a bit better texture in the bass and is tighter/faster, while quantity is lower. Mids are more focused towards female vocals. Treble is more extended and has more quantity. Soundstage, detail and separation is better on the E5000. Timbre is a lot better in the E5000, the 1.1 sounds a bit unnatural in comparison.

E5000 overall sounds more refined and better except in the bass which to me can be a bit too much and makes it less versatile in what it can play. 1.1 is better if you want a tighter, faster and bit more textured bass (also is more mid-bass focused than sub-bass) while being just a bit brighter. E5000 is better if you want a deep rumbling bass with extremely good timbre while being a very relaxed warm signature and having good technicalities.

LZ A6 (pink filter): Almost a complete change in sound, A6 is a MUCH brighter iem. Treble is much more extended on the A6, quantity and quality are on another level (and also sibilance can appear on the A6). Mids are leaning a bit more to female vocals on A6. Bass is lower in quantity and also much tighter and faster while it doesn’t rumble as much.

Soundstage, details and separation is better on the A6 (most likely due to the increase in treble quantity). Timbre is much better on the E5000, sounding more natural/organic due to the massive treble boost and air quantity in the A6. If you like tight/fast, quality and is a treble-head the A6 should definitely suit you more (especially with 9 tuning filters). E5000 is better if you want a deep bass, relaxed warm and good timbre.

Audiosense T800(stock + green filter): bass extends lower in the T800 and quantity is similar although E5000 has more mid-bass quantity. The E5000 has a bit less rumble but more punch and is a bit faster/tighter while also sounds more natural. Mids are a bit more forward on the E5000 and also has better quality, female vocals just a bit more on the T800. Treble is more extended on the T800 and has more air and quantity is a bit more.

Soundstage, separation and details is better on the T800 but overall, the E5000 sounds more natural and timbre is leagues beyond the T800. T800 is better if you want a more U-shaped iem. But the E5000 is better if you want a more natural sound and better quality overall.

The E5000 has an extremely good timbre and has basshead levels of bass, while also being a very technical, warm and relaxed iem that you can use for a long listening session. E5000 is not a jack of all trades, because of the bass quantity but if you like your bass the E5000 will be a very pleasant iem to you.

Be aware though that the E5000 is a very demanding iem in power and is NOT recommended for mobile users or even low tier daps. E5000 is one of the few iems where you can use everything included in the packaging so just plug in and enjoy. Thanks for reading.


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Great review! Any comparison to Tanchjim Oxygen?
@acap13 Dont have it unfortunately. Although I might get the Tanchjim Hana and if they are similar I might compare them in the Hana review (if I get them).
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Thanks. Will look forward to it. Hana intrigues me too.
Pros: Timbre & Tonality
Bass & Mids
Comfort & Fit
Stock cable & E-tips
Price & Value
Solid MMCX connectors
Cons: Darkish sound signature that is not for everyone because of the tamed treble
Isolation & sound leakage
A potent source is required, so that the E5000 can unfold its full potential
Does another review of the Final E5000 really make sense? Most likely not, there are already dozen of them. Still, the E5000 is, along with the Sony N3, the only IEM I've preciously kept with me in the last 18 months while a lot of others, also much pricier ones, came and went. This review is not really one in fact, it's more like a tribute to these little drivers that have been giving me an immense enjoyment listening to my music since late 2018. I love them so much that I have a second set I use with a 4.4mm balanced cable.

All technical datas have been mentioned in previous reviews, so I will skip that part. Important to know is that the E5000 sports a 6.4mm single dynamic driver with a specific acoustic treatment from Final. Its low sensivity requires a potent source, so that the E5000 can be driven properly.

So small yet so powerful

My taste in music is broad. It would be almost impossible and not relevant to show you a playlist that would make sense today, there are just too many tracks I play with. I like Electronics in almost all of its genres (techno, dub, ambient, drone, house), male and female vocalists, OST, 80's & 90's pop/rock, a bit of rap, also from the 90's. 80's and 90's were great musically speaking, crap!

So, what does the E5000 better than the other IEMs I have or had in my small collection (Sony Z5, Final B1, Fearless S8F, CA Comet, BGVP DM6, BQEYZ Spring 1, just to name a few) ? It is difficult to explain, but it's like there is some more matter to the music. The Sony N3 and the Oriveti OH500 also have this little something giving the impression that you are closer to your music, offering a full presentation of it. It actually is the way I like listening to my records, since 30 years now, with full-sized headphones or speakers. I understand that this is not the most common flavor, especially today with more and more listeners looking for maximal detail retrieval, treble extension, wide soundstage and perfect imaging. Still, for my tastes, the E5000 is more 2D as 3D sounding, has a realistically wide soundstage, good imaging and much better detail retrieval as one could think. Indeed, the somewhat tamed treble does not prevent the E5000 to present a lot of details from your music. I made a direct comparison with the Fearless S8F last year. The S8F, a so-called "detail monster" sounds airier and seems to dig more information in your tracks. Well, no, sorry. I have the same level of details in the E5000. They just are presented another way, less forward and direct, but you have them, if you really listen to your music. I was fond of my S8F and had to sell it when my financial situation got critical at some point. Now that everything is fixed, I was thinking about ordering it again, but I choose the CIEM route with an IEM designed and built in my country.

Stock cable is excellent - here displayed in an EE Pandora metal case

Do you believe in synergy? I mean, knowing or thinking about the devices you will get connected to your drivers? If you ask me, synergy is crucial, generally speaking in audio. In portable audio at least, you don't have to care about room acoustic, that's a plus :wink: Anyway, by the time I received the E5000, I had it connected in 4.4mm to a Sony ZX300 and in 3.5mm to a Cowon Plenue M2. Both are good sounding DAPs, with a slightly warm, invitating sound signature. Both have EQ, the PM2 going quite far in that regard with the Jeteffect 7. I enjoyed both pairing, until I stumbled on a weird, hardcore looking DAP sporting an AK4490 DAC-chip and a 3.5mm output only. No touch screen, no EQ, nothing excepting a clear and pristine sound with a lot of juice coming out the 3.5mm HO. I knew I have reached the next level with the E5000. The DTR1 drives the E5000 perfectly. A few months ago, Dethonray released the HA-2 amp. No need to get it, I thought. But hey, why not? Here again, the DAP/AMP combo brings the E5000 a little higher by adding a bit more definition and sparkle in the presentation. It brightens the sound just slightly, while keeping the E5000 DNA. Quest over? Not quite. Two weeks ago, Phatlab released their last amp, the Chimera. It has everything I have ever looked for in a amp, namely 3.5mm/4.4mm output, long battery life (> 10 hours) and the choice between tube or solid state amplification. Is this endgame? I don't know where to go from there actually...and I surely don't need to, because I already enjoyed the E5000 with standalone ZX300 and PM2 a year ago. For the time being, source is soundwise perfect, amplification is at the very best of what's possible with hybrid modes, 4.4mm silver cable with rock solid MMCX connectors and, last but not least, our tiny music machine guns, the E5000.

Dethonray DTR1 - Phatlab Chimera - 4.4mm OC Studio Silver Zeux UE - E5000

The Final E5000 is one of my favorite audio material, along with the Calyx M DAP (not the best pairing with the E5000 unfortunately) and the P-EAR-S UT-3 CIEM coming soon.

Thanks @Final Audio for having manufactured it and designed as it is. A small single dynamic driver that will stay in my collection and will give me goosebumps for years to come.
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Now being in possession of the Etymotic ER2XR, the E5000 gets 4.5 stars.
@F700 Nice review! Which iem do you prefer to pair with DTR1? Etymotic ER2XR or E5000?
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Without amp, the ER2XR by a small margin. With the Dethonray HA-2 amp, the E5000 is slightly ahead. The ER2XR is more versatile and isolates much better. Fit is decisive here.
Pros: - Excellent bass response
- Full-bodied mids with timber and texture
- Comfortable
- Practical accessories
Cons: - Treble shy
- Not easy to drive
- bass bump might seem a tad too heavy for somebody
- Not ideal for rock or metal listeners

At the very first I need to thank Final audio to give me the chance to review the product. The review below is actually a self-opinion. Though Final Audio is kind enough to send the unit for free. My opinion wasn’t influenced by this move. Moreover, I've published my video review on my youtube channel. The link will be embedded soon. Your opinion may vary to your listening and circumstances. I believe music is a subjective thing. So your precious opinions and suggestions are cordially appreciated. In life, I can learn every day and this might be a day to understand something different. So flood my post's comment section.

Let me start

Final is an japanese boutique audio company. They are impressing us with their best sound engineering and craftsmanship with every single of products. After 2007 its introducing many quality planner magnetic wonders and single driver iem(s) to our headfi community. Unfortunately, some of them are for themselves who have tons of cash in their pocket.
As a student like me, who has a love for music, has a bigger dream but a small pocket E5000 is a solid choice to feel and hear how the high-end stuff sound.
By the time you finish my review, you will get two things straight.

  1. Though it marked 14 ohms, it sounds alright with portable devices. But good amping really mandatory.

  2. According to my preferences this earphone pairs well with some analytical or bright source.

Who the hell I am

Just on the verge of starting, let me introduce yourself.

Music, from the very childhood is my first love. The day I started my guitar playing, and the day I opted to play Ukulele its been with me at home or outside. I every now and then enjoyed music through my daily setup, smartphone and mojo and sony ier m7. Its been four years, my journey along the path of music didn’t stop. I am fortunate enough to have to listen to many legendary headphones and earphones.

As music preference goes, I hear a lot of metal and rock songs. But as I have born in Bangladesh, my countries music library offers a lot more enriched genres. So I love to hear other genres too, until it sounds awkward to me. So, Folk, classical, pop, melody, instrumental are also in my liking list.

Lets start the review...

Build, Design and accessories

Final E5000 is an earphone to remember. The chrome finish, the silver plated oxygen-free copper cable, dense stainless steel housings make the whole item a simple yet elegant design so far. The earpiece has a bit mirrored finish. If you get bored, you can look up to your face and find something unique. :p The mmcx-connector joint and the nozzle are made of ABS plastic. If I sum up my thoughts, this earphone looks appealing yet being strong to hold up beating, screaming quality build and preserving the beauty of craftsmanship.

Surprisingly I found no visible vent to prevent driver flex. Final designed e5000 in a way that they put a whole acoustic chamber on the back of the IEMs (the ridge between the housing and it’s rear). There’s also apparently another gap between the nozzle and the housing, and thus you have an IEM that doesn’t exhibit driver-flex even with the very deep fit.

Mirrored silver finish will introduce hand smudges and scratches after prolonged use. If you adore the sound of it and want to use it for an extensive period of time, you have to take great care of it just like you do for your newly gained corvette.

For the build, it should receive 4/5

This earphone is priced at around $270-300. I have seen deals like 220 to 250ish with rebates and all. From a $200+ earphone we can expect a sheer amount of accessories and an ornament like packaging. Yet Final delivers totally on spot stuff in favor of practicality and effectiveness.

E5000 came with the same package of e4000. It offers 5 pairs of awesome high-quality eartips. The soft silicon made carrying case, designed with origami touch, offers assurance of keeping the iem safe and unharmed.
As the cable goes, it's one of the well built, designed, and sturdiest looking cables you can get within 300 usd price range. Final may charge you about 150ish if you want to get this cable standalone. Technically it is a silver plated OFC cable which seemed a bit on the stiffer side. So, it engages some microphonics if I wear it straight down. Did I mention it has good quality mmcx connectors?
A pair of soft silicone ear hooks and a carabiner (branded final audio) are in the box too.

cable.jpg hooks.jpg pouch 2.jpg pouch1.jpg

For accessories and packaging 4/5


In three words, e5000 is comfortable. Like e2000, e4000 ( I had both of them for review) it has bullet like shell. E5000 has longer shell than the other E series iems. So, e5k offers a deeper insertion. Isolation is average at best. Most importantly it offers leakage. With e2000 i got better comfort as it was smaller in the bunch. I could fall asleep with e2k but not with the e5k.

For comfort: 4.5/5 (its comfortable but e2k has better comfort, so i can't give 5)


Product code: FI-E5DSSD
Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
Driver: 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver
Connector: MMCX
Cable: OFC silver coated cable
Sensitivity: 93dB
Impedance: 14Ω
Weight: 24g
Cord length: 1.2m

For the e5000 technological terms please visit:

Does it sound too?

If you have a close inspection, E5000 has a sensitivity level of 93dB at 14 ohms it can’t get enough juice with smartphones. I personally used it with a lot of things. For portable tempotec sonata ($25) did fine. My mojo drove it well but it sounded too warm to say. It paired well with Astell&kern SR15 and pioneer xdr300. I am using pinnacle p1 for at least 1.5 years. E5000 shows inefficiency as like the p1 shows. It's no wonder a smartphone iem that you can use outside. But if you have something, as a good portable dac amp/dap setup, you are good to go. According to my listening habits, it paired best with analytical/ bright sources.

I hooked up this with THX AAA 789 this sung well but a bit dry than my preference. So I will mark this as a desktop iem. :p


E5000 overall offers a quality warmth plus sheer bass under $300-400. The bass attacks deep. It will make you listen to the very bottom of bass pit. So, you will feel a subwoofer like attention inside of your head. The sub-bass section has 50% more boost than the mid bass section, where mid-bass is already boosted like 2 db than other frequencies. But this transition is a gradual process. The attack and decay are natural. Bass's presence has a warmth to it. It offers a smooth texture, resolve the bass notes on natural progression. It's not too fast nor too slow. But sometimes i felt like i am covered in a deep thick blanket of bass, I craved for fresh air.
Bass will get: 4.5/5


Despite having the insane amount of quality bass, the mids are not lost. Rather it offers the body and thickness which I want most from any audio gears. A tiny amount of bass bleeds in the mid, it's barely noticeable. With the sort dip in the very lower-mid separated the bass and mid almost perfectly.
I am almost sold with the mids it offers. I could hear the vocal texture, the breath, and whatnot. I am very sensitive to vocal shoutiness in female vocal. Whenever I need to check any iem or headphones, I play Ame lee’s voice and check it. Final passed it with flying colors. I expected a bit more fluidity from e5000. But it should be a lie if I say, the mid is dry. E5000 has a totally natural timber that an instrument offers in real life. String instruments, piano etc have the exact figures and exact notes. I have heard a few iem in this range like FLC 8s, oriveti new primacy; which has a force-fitted placement and an artificial timber compared to the e5000 does. Yes, I would love to have a bit more micro detail and a lil bit of edge on the notes. If it happened, these would cost like a fortune.
Mid will get 4.5/5


I am a bit sensitive to treble, yet E5000’s treble didn’t excite me at all. I missed a bit more sparkle on top. The treble is not offensive at all, got a muted tone. As i am a whore for metal and rock music, it felt like I am having a biryani without chill. Yet the upper treble extension should receive an appreciation. It has a bit of crispness when cymbal crashes. But i should appreciate this point that it won't forcefully feed you with tons of treble, sparkle, detail that you can’t process.

I felt the 8–10KHz roll-off is bugging me most for various tracks and genres. When I pair it with some bright/ analytical source, the treble gets compensated and has a bit more balance than the neutral source.
Treble will get 4/5


The staging is worthy to mention. It has height and a decent amount of width. I would expect to have a lil bit depth. I felt the presence of instrument fairly well. I enjoyed layering. Cause I can hear them laid on top of each other. It's fun and enjoyable
Staging: 4/5


Imaging suffered from the soundstage depth. It has good stereo separation and handled the liner image quite well. I am more habituated with pinnacle’s imaging which is very good with proper amping, so I am a bit more thirsty here.
Imaging: 3.5/5

vs Fiio FH5: I listened to fh5 side by side at my friends place. Fiio FH5 has a tad better detail and sparkle on the top with a bit more imaging presence. E5000 blows it away with the mid and bass section where fh5 was shouty and harsh.

vs pinnacle p1: Pinnacle p1 is the polar opposite of e5000. At least to some extent it is. Pinnacle has better soundstage depth and imaging than e5000. P1 holds micro detail a lot better than e5000 does. But I am afraid some people may find the pinnacle offensive and harsh of upper mid and treble. E5000’s bass and mid is fuller and heavier than pinnacle p1.

Vs oriveti new primacy: Oriveti is sharp. To some extent its too sharp to my taste. Mid is thinner compared to e5000. Oriveti has a tad better layering and air inside. But for the sharpness of the oriveti it lost, according to my preference.

Bottom line:

If you are someone who likes bass, thick mid and musical listening experience, this e5000 might be a great pick up for you. For a metal head like me, don't want to confine myself under a thick bass blanket to be honest. Its a subjective choice that its not upto my preferences, but I have seen a lot of folks around me who are deeply in love with these iem when its paired with good source. And i have no shame for admitting that I am quite surprised to get this type of fuller bass and mid under $300. Just i needed a bit chill on top. I loved it with Oppo ha2, Sr15 and XDR300. I believe any portable/desktop amp with a bit of brightness will serve you like charm.

My brother KMMBD said, “It’s like your first teenage love — it doesn’t make much sense, and yet it gives you the butterflies. You overlook all the flaws for the beauty that lies in the eye of the beholder. It sweeps your feet away, leaving you in a trance”

Happy listening.

Sources and amp

My pc (with creative sound core audio cheap)
Aune m1s
MCTH, thx 789
Chord Mojo, oppo ha2
Astell&kern ak70 mkii and sr15
pioneer xdr300
Phones: iphone 6s plus,

Incubus - Summer Romance
Dimmu Borgir - Dimmu Borgir
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow
SOAD - Chop Suey, Toxicity
Eminem - Rap God
Metallica - Fuel, master of puppets, enter the sandman
Massive attack - Mezzanine
Fall Out Boy - Immortals
Green Day - Know The Enemy
Skillet - What I Believe
Slipknot - snuff
Tool - Lateralus, Fear inoculum
And a few of my local audio collections. All are at least 16bit FLAC.

Thanks for reading this long. Don’t hesitate to share or ask anything. All those photos were captured by me. There supposed to be a lot of mistakes. Hopefully, that won’t bother you much. A long way to go for me. So your kind feedback is much appreciated.
Great review! I second driving the e5000. Who would guess that you need a such powerful source for such small earphones :)
Thanks @kmmbd bro and @iBo0m final is a great company to explore.
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@Mosauwer it is! I usually like audio brands who have their own way of making their products while not being influenced by mass marketing, which is sometimes sad to see what products may come out of a solid company (not that they would lower their standards, but they don't seem what they used to be).


curious to know how's E5000 compared with Campfire comet or Ibasso IT01 or QDC Neptune as they are either Dynamic driver or Single BA.