1. adrenc94

    Need recommendation

    Hi there, please help me out with some recommendation for my home set up.   Rig: Laptop > Foobar 2000(Will be playing mostly FLAC and 320kbps MP3) > Schiit Modi & Magni > Headphone Usage: Music & Gaming(FPS) Genre: Non audiophile collection of :P consisting of the following : Rock...
  2. TheSlov3nc

    In-Ear Headphones 200€ Help

    Hi guys I'm looking for some comfortable in-ear headphones for listen to hip hop/rap, so I need something with bass.  I've been looking a bit into it and I've come down to 4 headphones:   Monster Turbine Pro Gold Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Sony MDR EX 600 Yamaha EPH-100   So if...
  3. blackz88

    Good suggestiong for IEMS<$100

    So my monster turbines broke today after a year so i decided to try out something new in the $100 or less range. I loved my turbines, althought they dont really classify as a balanced sound but it was very BASS HEAVY thus making me love em. I wana try out something new or similar to my...
  4. AsianPowa214

    Best earphones for under $100?

    Even though I liked the headphones better, i'm starting to get increasingly annoyed by their size and weight when im outside doing whatever, sooo now i want to spend a decent amount of money on a pair of earphones that will sound just as good as my ATH-M50, not very heavy on bass, easy enough to...
  5. rexxer92

    Final Audio Adagio II Review

    As my audio world was open up after trying out the Hippo Pearl (from the previous review), I decided to try out more earphones  to get used to the many varieties out there. And so I decided to head out to Jaben Audio once again, for another earphone review.                                ...
  6. Final Audio Design Adagio II

    Final Audio Design Adagio II

    The base model of the new Adagio series! Adagio II is Final Audio's first venture into affordable in-ears and they've done a great job! Great bass and sparkle, these suit folk/acoustic and jazz quite well.