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Good suggestiong for IEMS<$100

  1. blackz88
    So my monster turbines broke today after a year so i decided to try out something new in the $100 or less range.
    I loved my turbines, althought they dont really classify as a balanced sound but it was very BASS HEAVY thus making me love em. I wana try out something new or similar to my turbines
    I got my mind on:
    Sunrise xcape impressive edition
    Klipsch Image S4
    Hifiman Re0
    I used to also own brainwavz M2, if thats similar to any of them
    Any other suggestions?

  2. TAUS93
  3. blackz88
    had a search for that on the forums but coudnt find any info on it
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If you can stretch your budget by $15, I would highly recommend you look into Yamaha EPH-100 from audio affair. I have a pair of Turbines here and they're great I really enjoy them but....EPH-100 would be an excellent step up (I have those too) The bass amounts is right up there with Turbines though they offer better instrument separation and a whole new level of clarity.

    Something to consider.
  5. SpringBiscuit
    i will strongly recommend Final Audio Design Adagio II, Adagio III and Beyerdynamic XP series.
    they will wow you immediately once you try them.
    The beyer xp series able to let you pick the sound according to your needs.
    The FAD able to provide strong bass with good staging and impact.
  6. KEP1
    The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS77 have been getting some high praise for a bass heavy phone.
  7. theyazzern
    do you know where  I can  get a pair (beyer xp3) in the states?, jaben doesn't ship here.
  8. bobeau
    I'd recommend the JVC FXD-80s, which I believe can be found for just a bit more than $100 imported.  Not super bassy phones, but they have a nice 6 db or so boost in the bottom end.  I also have the EPH-100s and they're quite nice but the 80s have a bit more bass and better treble (the 80s are somewhat U shaped int the frequency response).  Esp. great sounding phones for the price, they're one of the few things I have that generally sound good no matter what I use to drive them.  
  9. dbdynsty25
    If you liked the turbines, stay far away from the RE0...completely different headphone.
    I suggest Brainwavz M3, R1 and M5...all under 90 bucks and the R1 and M5 are under 50.  All fantastic headphones for the price.  The M3 is the most balanced of the bunch, so if bass is important go with one of the other two.  Also the Soundmagic e30 is a nice bass oriented all arounder.
  10. williamVT
    try the AKG K374
    new product from AKG. great bang for the buck !

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