fiio x5 3rd gen
  1. V

    I'm new here, and want to buy

    Hello, i'm really new to head-fi, just wanted to know how can i find someone selling a Fiio X5 III I'm interested to buy, any recommendations? thanks in advance
  2. jvos213

    Found A Possible Fix For Slow / Laggy Fiio X5 III !!!

    Background The first thing I did when I got the X5 3rd Gen in 2018 was to install two large micro sd cards to hold all my lossless music... from that moment on my player became EXCRUCIATINGLY slow. Literally everything related to the UI became unusable - opening folders, scrolling anything...
  3. S

    FiiO X5 3rd Gen - FiiO Music App crashes, and device won't show on computer

    Hello, I have a FiiO X5 3rd Gen with two issues 1. It will not show up as a device on a macbook pro with 10.8.5, a macbook pro with 10.13 and a PC laptop with windows 10. On the macs, I’ve used android file transfer which also says no android device has been found. X5 was in android mode, and...
  4. D

    noob deciding on a streaming DAP / headphone combo needs your help

    Hello All :) First off its great to be part of a helpful and insightful community with similar interests. This is my first posting here so apology's in advance if it sounds like I am unsure of what I am talking about. I am looking to purchase a portable DAP for playing my FLAC collection but...
  5. deafmutelame

    Please vote ONLY if you have heard at least 2 of these DAPs: iBasso DX120, FiiO X5 III, Cayin N5 II, Shanglin M3s, HiBy R3

    iBasso DX120 - $299 FiiO X5 III - $349.99 Cayin N5 II - $299 Shanglin M3s - $279 HiBy R3 - $229 Please answer to these questions: 1 - what DAPs have you been able to compare against each other? 2 - what headphones/IEMs have you used to do the comparison? 3 - explain...
  6. N

    Shanling M3s or Fiio X5 3rd or Cayin N5 ii

    Hello everyone! Help me choose DAP between Shanling M3s, Fiio X5 3rd and Cayin N5 ii. I like instrumental hip-hop (beats), synth wave, hardcore (dark hardcore, melodic hardcore) and alternative. Want dynamic, power, energetic and emotional sound with good bass.
  7. M

    Fiio X5III coaxial out and digital in on amp?

    Hi, I own a Fiio X5 3rd gen. Would it make sense to connect this device to my amp using the coaxial out of the Fiio and the digital optical in on my amplifier? Would there be any gain as compared to using Line Out out of the Fiio, and analog-in on the amp? If so, what kind of cable would I...
  8. H

    Customer leather holster: Fiio X5iii & A5

    Hello. Wanted to share this with all of you who wants to find a better to carry your X5 and A5. After using the A5 with the X5iii, I wanted to make it a permanent part of my setup because of the sound improvements. Much complaint for the X5iii on the Chinese forums is related to how it...
  9. C

    New user with DAP Inquiry

    Hello all, I'm looking for advice to get a new DAP since my ipod classic was stolen from my cars glove compartment by the local neighborhood hype. I've been interested in upgrading and moving away from my previous set up so I'll consider that altercation a blessing in disguise. Anyway, Here...
  10. P

    LZ A4, Sennhiser iE80 or Shure SE425

    Dap - Fiio x5iii (3rd gen) Looking for a pair of IEMs to pair with my recently ordered Fiio x5iii. I wondered what you guys thought of these. I like my bass although wouldnt want to be constantly overpowered by it. From what i hear the SE425 can lack a little in the bass department so perhaps...
  11. P

    ibasso dx80 vs fiio x5 3rd gen

    Hi everyone trying to decide between the ibasso dx80 and the fiio x5 3rd gen. From what i can tell the fiio seems to have a better ui and i think firmware in general however the ibasso is a bit better on battery life. The sound production seems to be pretty much only subjective but as someone...
  12. surreysteve

    Mobile rig FIIO X5, E18, IE80 upgrade - expert advice needed

    Hi Guys I seem to be building a pile of kit but not really getting to where I want to be. I started using my Google Pixel XL and added a Fiio E18 KUNLUN as a DAC together with Sennheiser M2IEG momentum headphones. This created a nice sound but not great but gave me access to all my streaming...
  13. New2hifi

    Need help deciding. Dragonfly Red Vs Fiio x5 3rd Gen for SE846

    Hello, First or second time posting. My current set up is iphone 6s & google pixel with dragonfly red, Shure Se846 switched out with the ATH- LS400 or ibasso IT03. I am wondering if getting Fiio x5 3rd gen is upgrade to the dragonfly red/ phone combo. I only use Hifi Masters Tidal...