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Fiio X5III coaxial out and digital in on amp?

  1. mimed

    I own a Fiio X5 3rd gen.
    Would it make sense to connect this device to my amp using the coaxial out of the Fiio and the digital optical in on my amplifier? Would there be any gain as compared to using Line Out out of the Fiio, and analog-in on the amp?
    If so, what kind of cable would I need? Would certainly need a toslink to input into my amp, but what kind of output jack for output out of the Fiio? Pictures of such cables?

  2. Torq
    To go from the COAX output to a TOSLINK input you'd need an active COAX->TOSLINK converter box, not just a cable.

    Can't recommend a specific unit, but they start at less than $20.

    That depends entirely on what amplifier you have.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    If the FiiO only has an coaxial for a digital output connection and the amplifier only has an optical digital input connection, then maybe it's better just to connect the FiiO's line-output (analog audio signal) to the line-input on the amplifier.
  4. mimed
    Thank you, Torq & PurpleAngel, for the useful feedback. I think I'll first stick to line out and analog-in, then.

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