1. moshekk007


    are the vsonic gr02 will be good if I will use my nokia c2-01? by the way what is the best earphone up to 35$? thanx for the helpers!!
  2. ClieOS


    Again, I’ll like to thank delonicdevil for sending me the samples. ECCI has been quite a budget oriented brand on all their previous IEM, having bang-for-the-bucks factor almost as good as its competitors in the sub US$50 category (PR100, PR200 and PR300 have been reviewed here). However, the...
  3. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] ECCI PR100, PR200 and PR300 - Pop and Rock in Trio

    First, I’ll like to thank delonicdevil (which is also a member in the forum and on eBay) for sending me the samples. ECCI is the brand from the same company that brought us the Storm portable amp and Cyclone IEM a while back. As the business grew, the company decided to up its game with a new...
  4. noingwhat

    Opinions on IEMs I am considering purchasing

    I am looking for some new IEMs for Christmas, and I have been doing a bit of research and I am down to about 8. I just want to get an idea of what you guys think of some of these earbuds? I mostly listen to rock and pop (more rock) and I also use my earbuds for gaming, youtube, tv, etc...
  5. noingwhat

    Best IEMs for under $30

    I have been busy researching quite a bit recently and have come across 5 IEMs in particular that seem to appeal to me. I would just like to know what others' opinions are. If you had to pick one, which would you pick?   JVC HA-FX34 “Marshmallows” elago E3 MEElectronics Ai-M9 / M9 ECCI...
  6. BurningRadio

    Opinions on how I should spend my money...

    So I've been researching for the past few months on what pair of In-Ear headphones I should purchase and I've narrowed my selection down to a few that I've seen recommended here on Head-Fi. My last purchase I made was a set of Sennheiser HD428's and I couldn't be happier with my purchase...but I...
  7. prisoner6

    M9 or PR100/PR200?

    Looking for something for work that isn't too fancy.  Anyone have experience with the M9 that has the mic and controls attached?   How would these compare to my older Senn CX300 that just died?  Improvement?     How would they compare to Klipsch S4i or ADDIEM?
  8. Goldbott

    Completely new to all things audio

    Well due to some rather odd but all too familiar situation ( tripped over my decent headphones ) I need to get a new set for a pretty small amount of cash. I'm not sure if this question is appropriate for these forums mainly because of the large amount of posts on more expensive headphones but I...
  9. Soodey

    Best In-Ears for ~$30?

    So I've dabbled in high end in-ears before, I currently have a set of the UE 10 pros that I picked up during that Amazon sale last year. My sister came to me asking what's a good In-ear to replace the stock buds on her ipod. I guess all my belittling finally got to her . As the title...
  10. luciobar1980

    What is currently the best gym IEM for +/- $30 ?

    Hey guys, I kjnow there are other thread but they are either a little older or not quite what I prefer. Your opinion is much appreciated. I am looking for:   - Shirt clip (semi-important) - good isolation - long enough cord so it can be put in my pocket - NOT behind-the-ear (tried the...
  11. Spladox

    PR100 compared to EP-630

    as titles states...... how is the comparison? retty low on budget now... which to get? (:
  12. ljokerl

    Review: ECCI PR100 and PR200 - Cyclone's Fresh Start

    Intro Anyone who has spent more than a few days around head-fi’s portable forum has probably heard of the Cyclone PR1 Pro, one of my favourite budget IEMs of all time. Though I originally got my hands on the little wonders entirely by coincidence, I quickly fell in love with their amazingly...
  13. ECCI PR100

    ECCI PR100

    In ear headphones.