1. Sennheiser

    Discover a new world of sound: Make way for the IE 200

    Hello Head-Fi! Our lineup of audiophile earphones is growing thanks to our latest addition to the family: the IE 200. With a balanced and punchy sound that trickles down from our best-selling IE 300 and IE 600, our newest dynamic universal-fit in-ear puts powerhouse performance in your pocket...
  2. Supreme-Magnum

    Need Help picking an earphone!

    Hello, first of all thanks for deciding to help me out my good fellas! Anyway... i have decided to buy a new earphone (earbud or IEM) for my iphone 5 cuz the original ones died on me and i wanted to buy sound quality not another apple product that cost a lot and have less quality than its...
  3. Yukicore

    Need help finding earphones best for my needs

    Hello everyone, I hope I have found the right place to ask, but I really need advice from someone experienced in audio equipment.   I have these headphones http://www.usa.philips.com/c/headphones/oneill-black-sho2205bk_28/prd/en/ for a few months now, really great sound...
  4. eyefloater

    earphones for a home stereo.

    this is probably one of those silly questions, but it's been on my mind for ages so i thought i'd ask. is it advisable to listen to music at home on your home stereo using earphones instead of full headphones? is it a bad idea to use earphones thru' a stereo receiver because they have such tiny...
  5. sonickarma

    New Astell and JHAudio Earphones

    Looks like some New Astell and JHAudio Earphones will be coming out       http://www.paudiofes.com/sp/astellkern/   looks like they are Layla and Angie http://www.head-fi.org/t/746964/jh-audio-layla-and-angie-head-fi-tv
  6. coolkidsforlife

    Best earphones for around $100?

    Hi. I am looking for a good earphone for around $100. I listen to rap, electro, etc. I want it to be good for other types of music though. I want it to have a good bass but not overpowering. I will be using it at school so it needs to have good noise isolation/blockage/leakage. I have been...
  7. KuroTaka

    Split earphones? Cordless player and in ears in one

    http://www.greenwingaudio.com/   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/701992503/the-worlds-only-earbuds-with-no-strings-attached Not sure what to make of these? 256MB memory isn't much, but discuss, they have a kickstarter going on with 13 days left to raise 400k   I AM IN NO WAY...
  8. victorxfx

    Best earphones for progessive psytrance/deep house/minimal

    Hello! I'm having a hard time trying to find good Earphones for progessive psytrance/deep house/minimal. I've only found over earh headphones. I can only afford around 50US$. Could you guys help me finding ? Thanks
  9. Maxims77

    Hello, i need help about my earphones. I'm Newbie.

    I bought from sportsdirect these No fear amplifi earphones. http://www.sportsdirect.com/no-fear-stereo-earphones-755010?colcode=75501096 And now 1 earbud didn't work and other only workes, when i moved wire at connector to 1 side. I cut of the connector with 2 inch wire. and in the wire there...
  10. 27mym


    Hello. Forgive that I write through the translator. You don't judge strictly. I long time am fond of sound modernization alteration on dynamic earphones. I DON'T DESIGN EARPHONES, I DESIGN the SOUND. For this time I have rather wide experience in this sphere. Here I write because to find...
  11. Namusic

    Need earphones!!!! Please help

    I just joined and need help to decide something. Im looking for a pair of earphones up to a $120 budget maybe a little more. I listen to most of the time rock and metal and other loud music, I'm looking for a pair which you can hear the lows mids and highs very nicely and clearly (crisp).The...
  12. jant71

    Anyone Try Acoustibuds Adapters Yet?

    Anybody tried these yet? Amazon.com: ACOUSTIBUDS Silicone Adapters for Earphones, CES 2009 INNOVATIONS AWARD, MADE IN USA, Fits Ipod / Zune / Sansa / Sony / Creative / Many More Mp3 Players (Black, Two Pair, Two Sizes) from Burton Technologies: Electronics Most previous attempts at earphone...
  13. earphone gawker

    Bassbuds 2012 : have you heard of them?

    Hey guys,   I was wondering if anyone has bought these new bassbuds. The website looks quite good!
  14. Music-etymotic

    I Need new earphone or headphone plzz help me

    hello this is my first post here . im looking for in ear or headphone for my cell phone  sony ericsson xperia x10 it must have a mic or bluetooth? to listen to music and make calls my cell phone in call volime is sooo low i cant hear when im outside , really terrible in call volume please guys...
  15. gerbi

    Which earphones with the best highs?

    Hi. I'd love some advise on my quest to find the perfect ear/in ear phones. I do like very crisp high, this is the most important requirement. They don't need to be "bassy", just the right amount. I have tried and liked the sound of the Sleek Audio SA6, but I gave up after 2 cable failures; the...