1. J

    LHY UIP USB audio isolator

    Creating a new thread for discussion of and owner/user experiences with this recently released USB isolator by LHY. [placeholder for product info]
  2. O

    Need a DDC/audio bridge recommendation

    So my SMSL PO100 stopped working and I need to buy either a new one or something like that. Trouble is it isn't really a category you can browse, I don't know where to start looking. A couple of Singxer products popped up. Now, I'm sort of in a loop about what 'upgrading' would mean because I...
  3. schneller

    Denafrips Iris DDC + Schiit (AES) vs. Unison USB?

    I recently had the chance to hear a Denafrips Pontus II (not 12th anniversary) and while pleasant, I felt it literally slowed the music down by like 10%. Very interesting. Not sure if it's my jam. BUT it did cause me to look at the Denafrips website, which got me thinking about their Iris DDC...
  4. ZzZzZzZ


    Just saw a new DDC on https://aoshida-audio.com/products/musician-phoenix MUSICIAN PHOENIX High Performance Digital Interface ♦ Proprietary FPGA DSP Processing Architecture ♦ FIFO Buffer and Reclock with Internal Crystal ♦ Precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO ♦ O-type single...
  5. C

    VMV D1se I2S Connectivity Success Stories

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a DDC to use with my D1se but want to use I2S if at all possible. I've seen elsewhere on the interwebs that a couple of people have had issues with I2S connectivity to a DDC with the D1se and was wondering if there any success stories out there. Does anyone have a...
  6. A

    Intel NUC for HiFi help.

    Hi all. I'm building an Intel NUC for regular use, but also for YouTube and YouTube audio use. Basically I want to get great sound while using the computer, and to watch music videos and concerts on my big screen with it also. I've already ordered “Intel BNUC11TNKI30000 NUC Pro Barebone Kit -...
  7. GoldenSound

    DDC Jitter/Noise testing

    The following is a list of digital to digital converters (and some similar components like the MScaler) that I've had in and tested. These are listed in order of RMS jitter level upto 100khz, but I would encourage you to look at the actual spectrum of jitter too. The number alone can't provide...
  8. Lolito

    Douk Audio U2 Pro DDC - Poorman DDC for an affordable & clean digital signal

    This thread is dedicated to opinions, questions and experiences around the Douk Audio U2 Pro digital to digital converter (DDC)andre-clocker, to convert USB digital audio signal into SPDIF RCA coaxial, toslink and hdmi I2S. It is based on the well known Xmos X208 chip for USB input. It has its...
  9. GoldenSound

    Streamer/DDC Showdown: Pi2AES vs Sotm SMS200 Ultra Neo

    TLDR: Pi2AES kicks some serious ass. Get a nice PSU So I've been working on my digital side of things for a little while now, and have as of late been exploring networked output options. I'd started with a raspberry pi, and after hearing the difference that made vs direct USB to my PC, but...