1. msing539

    Variable Static Audio (VSA) 3D Printed Headphone Impressions

    Variable Static is a Texas-based startup creating 3D printed headphones. Models vary in pricing from about $100-200+ USD depending on driver configuration, including a 'nearfield' option, and some can be ordered in either open or closed back. The model I purchased is the Static Oval for $150...
  2. JM Audio OpusX (50mm Biodynamic Closed Backs)

    JM Audio OpusX (50mm Biodynamic Closed Backs)

  3. Nobank

    IEM's for movies? Bassy and warm? Recommendations? Currently using BLON BL-03

    Currently have the BLON BL03's. A bit too trebley/crispy, otherwise good. Would you recommend Fiio FH5 or moondrop blessing 2 dusk? I don't want them too be sibilant at all, and the vocals can't be too forward as well. Can't be too detailed. Will be used for movies (Netflix, blu-rays, etc) and...
  4. MorrisL

    WE WANT MUD! Dark headphones appreciation thread

    Hell with "sparkle" and "sizzle!" Screw the Beyer mountain peak! Screw all the shouty upper mids and all the shrill highs! And shove that "air" up where the moon don't shine! We appreciate warm, dark, smooth sound signatures that we can relax to and enjoy our music without our ears bleeding...
  5. Spaceman24

    True wireless IEM recommendations?

    So I’ve been very much enjoying my wired Audio Technica E70 IEMs and Beyerdynamic/Astell&Kern T5p but I’m getting jealous of the people who aren’t fiddling with wires all the time. Does anyone know of a true wireless IEM that sounds anywhere close to the E70 (or T5p)? I’m not worried about...
  6. Grado Diesel

    Essential pair of IEMs with HD650 flavor

    What’s the must-have gold standard of IEMs? What’s a good model of IEMs with a sound profile similar to the revered Sennheiser HD650s? I love that “dark”, relaxed sound. I’m looking for something that’s not too bright - I don’t need any boosts to the sibilance in my 70s rock’n’roll...
  7. DrSeven

    Closed, warm, full size recommendations

    I'm looking for some good closed back cans to use for relaxied listening and whilst on my balkony. Looking for something warm LCD2-, Fidelio-ish, but closed. Had the Audeze LCD XC for a while now but they are too expensive imo. Been hinking about Nighthawk, MEZE 99 C, MrSpeakers Aeon, Shure...
  8. Basshead Paul

    What's the best amp to pair with a bright DAC and Sennheiser hd650 headphones?

    I'm looking for an amp that will even out the brightness of my Dragonfly Red, for use with Sennheiser hd 650's. I like the sound of Fiio amps, with their smooth sound. I'm looking to spend around $250. Thanks!
  9. Tr1ppy

    Fender FXA2 versus Future Sonics G10

    I'm torn between the FXA2 and the G10 iem's. They seem to have the sound signature i'm after which is elevated sub-bass, controlled mid-bass and balanced but not elevated mids and treble. I'm quite sensitive to treble and I'm not too bothered about huge treble extension so thats why dark...