1. Allanmarcus

    Comfort confusion

    Hello. I have three sets of IEMs with the same tips (Comply TS-500s), but two sets (DN-1000, BlueBuds X) are very comfortable, and one set (IE80) is not. Is this because of different insertion lengths? Any ideas?    Thanks
  2. Ira Delphic

    TTPOD T1 Tips Thread

    The TTPOD T1 has an unusual earphone shaft - wider bore than most and no so long. One issue with the various The TTPOD T1's is achieving ideal fit - in terms of acceptable seal, sound signature and comfort.    Many tips are included (at least with my The TTPOD T1-E ) - white silicon wide and...
  3. rv1030

    Comply T-400 and TS-500 Review

      This is my review on Comply foam tips.  This will cover the Original T400s and the new (at least to me) Spherical TS 500 tips.  This my first review and probably my first post as well, please bear with me. Reviews look better with pics but I dont have any  on me right now so in the meantime...
  4. Y

    FS: Triple.Fi 10 w/ Comply Ts-500

  5. Addonexus

    WTS 2 pairs of Comply Ts-500 foam tips

    I purchased a 3 pack of Comply Ts500 foams for use with my IE80.  The foams are too big for my ears, so I am looking to get rid of the other 2 pairs in the pack.   PM me with your best offer if you want them!
  6. itsderpxd

    IE8 tips

    Just lost my stock tip for the IE8's, what replacement tips do you recommend? and from which sellers?
  7. oldskoolboarder

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 stock comfy size?

    I want to get some replacements but not sure what size I need.   What size are the stock comfy tips that come w/ the UE10?  Those fit fine. Thanks.
  8. Comply Ts-500

    Comply Ts-500

    Product Description Comply™ Foam Tips Ts-Series use specialized memory foam with a new spherical shape that allows earphones to comfortably rest in the ear. 30-times softer than the factory supplied silicone tips, Comply™ Foam conforms to the ear canal and remains secure, so active lifestyles...