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IE8 tips

  1. itsderpxd
    Just lost my stock tip for the IE8's, what replacement tips do you recommend? and from which sellers?
  2. AstroTurf
    Goto Complyfoam.com

    They may make some for you headphone.

  3. itsderpxd
    thanks for the reply.Is this where people usually buy tips? 
    on the lookout for more recommendations
  4. itsderpxd
    bump. more suggestions please ?
  5. Dreamnine
    I've always used Sony Hybrids..wear the same on my beyerdynamics too.
  6. itsderpxd
    2 bucks ? awesomeeeeee. lol. will hold off for  a day in case of more suggestions, thanks
  7. Berkovajazz
    I like big and short tips. Now using from some cheap Platronics.
    Lot of users loves tips from V-Moda phones.
    Hybrids are great tips for seal and isolation, but sound will be not good.
  8. itsderpxd
    gonna try out complyfoam's T500s.
  9. JTAbq
    I have bought both the regular T500 and the Ts500 the Ts500 are much
    Better IMHO. They are shorter so the face is almost flush with the end of the tubes and feel just as comfortable as the others but with no loss in high freq. Ps, I cut my standar T500 shorter and they sound the same as the Ts.
  10. itsderpxd
    Lol :frowning2: . there were no reviews on the Ts500, so I went with the T500. Hopefully it fits well, IE8's stock tips suck .............................................................. :xf_mad:

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