Comply Ts-500

General Information

Product Description

Comply™ Foam Tips Ts-Series use specialized memory foam with a new spherical shape that allows earphones to comfortably rest in the ear. 30-times softer than the factory supplied silicone tips, Comply™ Foam conforms to the ear canal and remains secure, so active lifestyles won’t miss a beat.

Ts-Series Special Features:

Spherical Shape: Provides improved comfort and easy insertion.

Soft Comfort: Your body heat activates this unique breathable memory foam to create an ultra-soft experience, reducing irritation and fatigue.

Stay-In-Ear Fit: Active lifestyles won’t miss a beat by this secure in-ear fit. Comply Foam dramatically increases in-ear retention by expanding to fill the ear canal.

Noise Isolation: Nothing should come between you and your music. By sealing the ear canal against environmental distractions, you can enjoy music without raising the volume.

Enhanced Audio Performance: Hear your music the way it’s supposed to be heard, with all its highs, mids and lows funneled directly into the ear. Comply™ Foam Tips let you hear the pure acoustic signature each earphone was designed to deliver.


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