1. ypana3

    Headphones ~$100-250 with good soundstage for most genres, but mainly metal?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new user to Head Fi, but I have been lurking for quite a while, so without further ado... I need a pair of headphones between $100-250; I've considered the Shure SRH840s, AKG Q701s, Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros, DT770s and ATH M50s. I mostly listen to metal, but I have a...
  2. BrockMcCloud

    Could anyone please offer me some advice?

    Hello,   I've been using garbage headphones and other audio equipment for a while now and have decided I want to invest some money into getting something better. I am hoping to spend around $300 for a good pair of head phones. So far it seems it is between the Sennheiser HD 598's and the AKG...
  3. rasmioche

    Your advice on a new headphone

    Hello to everyone, I am new on the forum :) have been reading only for a few days this forum that i just discovered to find out which headphone should i buy.     I will start by saying a few things that may help you to help me        I listen to practically every kind of music...