1. jmb

    Beyerdynamic MMX 2 Gaming Headset

    I just put an order in for these babies. They are basically a pair of 235s with an integrated boom microphone and a small usb soundcard/adapter. The only review I have seen on these is here: Macworld | Game Room | Review: Beyerdynamic MMX 2 I have been looking for a gaming headset, but I...
  2. sgrossklass

    HD424 - nice vintage cans

    So I dragged home the parcel with my, err, "new" HD424s today, threw 'em old earpads into the trash (classic CTD, or crumble to dust, syndrome) and put new ones on (interesting way of fastening btw), gave the cans a little cleanup and connected them to my surround amp's headphone jack (an...
  3. IOMUSIC2012

    Where I can buy the replaceable ear pads for Beyerdynamics DT231

    Hi, I have a Beyerdynamics DT231, but  the ear pads are broken after 6 years, I don't know where I can get a new pair. Thanks
  4. jumpka

    Replacing PX100 for portable/outdoor use (budget $100)

    I need to immediately replace my old Sennheiser PX100 headphones which broke yesterday. Budget around US $100. I will be using the headphones exclusively for commuting and walking around noisy city streets with my iPod Nano. I prefer something foldable or collapsable, and something that...
  5. NeoReaper

    my sony eggos finally broke

    hi there, just looking for some advice.  i've been using a pair of sony eggo mdr-d66sl for about 10+years and part of it finally broke, a piece of the headband... so i'm looking for some advice, first things is what is a good replacement for it?  i've never been able to find something quite as...
  6. Duncan

    BeyerDynamic owners unite...

    Seeing that I may have been one of the (if not the main) starters of the current Beyer FOTM, and seeing that there are various threads about Sennheiser, Grado etc love... I thought it was time to redress the balance... So, if you have a BeyerDynamic 'phone that you are feeling the love for...
  7. sgrossklass

    Philips SBC-HP460 impressions

    Finally had my dad order the HP460s @Amazon (for €29,99) on Wednesday, and they literally arrived the next day - impressive. These cans come well-packaged (largely similar to the SHP805, presumably coming from the same factory in China), and the packaging is not a pain in the rear to open as...
  8. Crynix

    Cheap Headphone "Jewels"?

    Hey guys, I have a pair of ATH-M50S and I am VERY satisfied. I switched to them from (possibly) defective HD555's and they are so much better. The problem is that I'm afraid to wear them to school (I'm 13). Are there any headphone's/iem's for under $30 that are considered "jewels"? I don't...
  9. enemigo

    Beyer DT231 mods - my search for the ultimate portable

    I've done some easy mods to my DT231's, and I am pretty sure I currently enjoy them more than my DT250-80's. Thought I'd share it with you, as I am very sattisfied with these cans at the moment... Hopefully the feeling will last some weeks, or even months...
  10. Nordwestlicht

    Which of those closed headphones is the right one for me?!

    Hi-ho from Germany, dear Head-Fiers!   I use to read here for about the last ten years.   Since then I've owned round about 50 headphones (from DT231 up to HD800), but they are/were mainly open ones.   My experience with closed headphones is very little.   Well, finally, I've...
  11. J

    help me spend $1000 on new kit

      Living in Switzerland, hifi kit is very expensive but in the next month I'll be travelling to both New York and London so will have plenty of opportunity to upgrade.   Q1, My home set-up is a marantz cd player and marantz surround amp that I listen to through an old pair of...
  12. redshifter

    Beyer DT231 Isolation Mod (56k no)

    this mod improves the beyer dt231 headphones' isolation. also, bass is tightened up. this is an advanced mod so do not attempt if you are a novice. you'll need a small phillips screwdriver and some poster-tack: the pads pry off: take out the screws and save them: apply poster...
  13. Jolida302

    Beyerdynamic DT231 Vs DT235

    Has someone tried the new DT235 and compared it against the DT231?
  14. frog

    Headphones for my sons 13th birthday?

    I want to get my son a pair of his own phones for his birthday to use at home with his pc and ipod. He has a pair of old UE metro fi's buds for portable use but I would like to get him something else. I have a pair of beyer dt 231 that he quite likes so i was thinking perhaps a pair of Beyer...
  15. BEYER DYNAMIC DT231 Pro Stereo Studio Headphones

    BEYER DYNAMIC DT231 Pro Stereo Studio Headphones

    The DT231pro is a very comfortable, lightweight, closed format dynamic headphone ideal for portable or unamplified devices. It has an excellent all round sound, balanced and clear with good bass response. Transducer type - Dynamic Ear Coupling - Supra-aural Frequency response - 20 - 18,000...