BEYER DYNAMIC DT231 Pro Stereo Studio Headphones

General Information

The DT231pro is a very comfortable, lightweight, closed format dynamic headphone ideal for portable or unamplified devices. It has an excellent all round sound, balanced and clear with good bass response. Transducer type - Dynamic Ear Coupling - Supra-aural Frequency response - 20 - 18,000 Hz Cable length - 8 Feet / single-sided

Latest reviews

Pros: Good soundstaging, decent bass, comfortable to use, replaceable pads, price
Cons: Thin cable
Closed back design with good sound quality with little listener fatigue during long sessions. Spare pads are available
and I've found it's a good idea to have a spare set and rotate them periodically.
The cable is a straight, thin affair which enters through the left earpad. The earpads are removable via 3 small crosshead
screws so a DIY upgrade might be to replace the straight cable with a coiled cable to prevent accidental tugging by standing
on it. It's an easy enough soldering job.
Overall, a very good product at a decent price.
Pros: Good detailing and soundstage, excellent headphone and cable build quality
Cons: Bass-light, bright, not for people with large ears, plastic construction, velour pads can get warm, weak jack
Beyerdynamics DT231 are an entry level model of the well known company.
These headphones are supraaural and sport fake velour pads for comfortable, albeit warm, feel.
The pads are of course user-replaceable.
Bass is hugely lacking in quantity, while highs on the other hand are boosted in the sparkly 8kHz region resulting in high-slanted sound signature. Detailing and soundstaging are good.
Timbre is ok with exception of bass, where it's poor with little impact and texture.
Comfort can be bad if you happen to have large ears. After a while, the ears will get warm and sweat due to velour pads. The pads can also get worn and start to scrape.
There are far better entry level headphones nowadays. No need to bother with these.


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