balanced dac
  1. n3gativ3

    help finding a Balanced Dac to pair with THX 789 for $250 ish

    ive been looking at buying a new balanced dac just haven't been able to decide on which to buy I've looked at the Grace designed balanced sdac Su-8 v2 Enog2 La-qxd1 and some others currently, it will be used with a thx 789 and CA andromedas or argon mk3 if it matters just wondering if...
  2. schalliol

    The CEntrance Hi-Fi M8 V2 Thread

    Having just placed an order for the upcoming unit, and at ExpatinJapan’s recommendation, this is a thread for the new version of the Hi-Fi M8 portable DAC/Amp. You can now order via a pre-order link if you’re a previous buyer, and we can add the link here when it goes live. CEntrance sent a...
  3. C

    Balanced DAC/AMP with EQ preamp?

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can run a female xlr to male RCA from a balanced dac (which I don't own yet) into my preamp/eq, then run, from the preamp, a male RCA to male XLR on my thx aaa 789? Will this accomplish the same thing as a xlr cable from dac to amp in theory, or will the RCA middle...
  4. KOALAxT

    Aune S6 pro / S7 pro combo - fully balanced?

    Hello head-fi I know very little about electrical circuits, balanced vs single-ended topologies etc. so hoping those of you who do know or own the products in question can help me (better) understand. Bear with me here. Summary: I recently bought an Aune S6 pro, which as I understand it, is...
  5. Topping D70

    Topping D70

  6. N

    How Do Balanced DACs work.

    I see a Schiit Jotunheim with a balanced DAC module, but I don't know how the module works. Does it work for the normal headphone jack. I.E Would it affect the sound going into my Hifiman HE-400i's? Should I pick the Jotunheim with the DAC module for $400 over a Topping D30 and A30 for $190?
  7. m-i-c-k-e-y

    Soekris Audiophile Line Dac's 2541, 1541, 1421, 1321, 1101

    Since this (DAC1541) will be available this week (now in stock!) and no dedicated threads, might as well start one. R2R Sign Magnitude DACs offered by Soekris Engineering. Web: @soekris Soren, please free to chime in. Thank you. DAC1541 - 27 bit R-2R sign magnitude DAC, fully...
  8. gug42

    Balanced DAC raound $400 (new or second hand), wich one ?

    Hello, I'm looking for a good budget value balanced DAC. Of course XLR and RCA outpout. Have you got some to point me / recommand me please ? Thank you in advance Regards,
  9. AndyDandy

    Audio-GD NFB-17.32

    The sound signature of this DAC seems pretty ideal for me because I'm quite sensitive to treble. But does the smooth nature of this DAC mean that music will sound dynamically flat? Secondly, if I did buy the NFB 17, I intend to use both unbalanced and balanced outputs at the same time. To what...
  10. gug42

    balanced DAC around $500

    Hello, I'm looking for a balanced DAC and an upgrade to a schiit modi multibit (very good by the way, but not balanaced, and no balanced XLR outputs). Well of course I'm looking for a good money value, with : - good bass, lush mids, soft/mellow high. Any sparkle speak. - USB and Optical input...