balanced audio
  1. J

    Balanced Input Over-Ear Headphones?

    So I've got this FiiO M11 with balanced output jacks. And FiiO makes lots of IEM's with balanced inputs that are supposedly well matched to their music-playing products. But they don't make any over-ear headphones. As I look for a decent over-ear headphone for the M11, I don't see _any_ with...
  2. zambie

    Balanced output - implications of cable on ?

    Hi All, I've got a slightly peculiar setup that I'm working on building (and it's not a headphone setup, it's a speaker setup at home, so please bear with me). It's for my home speakers. Source > Onkyo DP-X1 DAP Tube Amp > Gemtube BL-02 Spekaers > Martin Logan XT60s Intend to send my music from...
  3. Shelvo

    Looking for a closed-back upgrade from HI2050

    Hi all, I love my Takstar HI2050 headphones, but I just moved in with a bunch of roommates and we will frequently be sharing study space so I figured that open backs were not the way to go. Additionally, I have a bit more a budget to play with now, so I figured it was time for an upgrade. Let...
  4. ClieOS

    Some Common Headphone's Plug Wiring For Balanced Audio

    *3.5PRO is a new standard proposed by the China Audio Industry Association Headphone Division and is said to be adopted by several Chinese manufacturers in the near future as an improvement over the original Hifiman proposed 3.5mm TRRS balanced plug. It is essentially just the same 3.5mm TRRS...
  5. N

    Balanced Audio, Compact (≤3.5mm) Connector

    Which audio player manufacturers are using 3.5mm or smaller connectors and balanced audio (differential signal) their current players? I am declined to purchase from a maker who is not using it in their most recently developed products. If they are not dedicated to balanced audio in their...