1. kramer5150

    $500 Amp Search... Audiotailor Jade, Darkvoice 337, La Figaro 332C -OR SOLID STATE????

    I am looking to make an amp upgrade for my various low impedance (current hungry) cans. The unfortunate truth of it all is that most OTL circuits just can't do anything below ~200 ohms.   Hours upon hours scouring through all the Skylab reviews and impressions have led me to these 3, and I...
  2. Kalnon

    Versatile Amp Recommendation?

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here   I'm in the market for a decent headphone amp to pair with a couple pairs of headphones. Right now, I use some low impedance Sennheiser PC 360. However, I recently ordered some Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250 ohm, which obviously need...
  3. sinae

    Best low cost tube headphone amp perfect for T1 (low cost alternative to CSP-2)

    Should i go with Lyr, Vahalla, Soha II, Jade audio, mung fa... What are your choice and why?   Would a total SS discrete headphone amp be interesting like   Of course one day ill step up to csp-2 but for now I'm looking for...
  4. sphinxvc

    SE (single-ended) Tube Amplifers

    List of SE all-tube amplifiers (as of April 2011).   Cary SLI80 Signature - $3,500 Leben CS-300X (push-pull) - $3,295 Woo Audio 5-LE - $2500 Zana Deux SE - $2200 DNA Sonett - $1200 Woo Audio 2 (OTL) - $1090 Woo Audio 6-SE - $1050 Decware Zen TABOO - $995  Darkvoice 337SE - $899...
  5. klipschman70

    Audiotailor Jade vs Woo WA6 or WA3

    Hi   I'm a newbie to headphone amp and considering to get either Audiotailor Jade (not sure whether this still available) or Woo WA3 or WA6. My goal is to get nice warm sound from the amp to use with my Etymotic ER-4P or Sennheiser HD600. Price wise Audiotailor is the more economical...
  6. Locknar

    I'm Ready For Some Hot Tube Action!

     What's Happening All   Never mind the title, I just wanted to get peoples attention. I'm new to Head-Fi and a budding audiophile and feel a bit lost and scared in terms of where to start and at how expensive my new hobby seems to be, respectively. I'm intrigued with tube amps and have...
  7. gridlock

    Tube Amp Recommendations for AKG K701/702

    Hi Head Folks,   I could use some good advice on a nice tube amp for my AKG K702's.  I'd like to keep the price below around $800.   I am currently running the AKG K702 through a Matrix M-Stage, and although the sound is quite good, am looking for:   1) a little more bloom in the...
  8. Ilya--s

    DT880-600/HD600/HD650 + DV336SE/Jade for music/gaming

    Hello, head-fi! (I'm from Russia, so my english can be vary bad)   I'm planning to buy headphones+amp for music(70%)/gaming(30%) At now, i have AD700 and Asus Essence ST(unmoded) Overall budget is 600-650$   I can't try any of this headphones, so i'm choosing blindly.   I can...
  9. charlo89

    The HEaudio JADE

    hello I don't find great feedback on the Jade HEAUDIO. I would like to know it to be buying it. Thank you for giving me valuable information on the HEAUDIO Jade.   thank you
  10. Elorian

    Tube amp recs for Shure SRH840

    So its time to buy an amp for my SRH840s and I would like to hear people's thoughts on a good tube amp for these in the <$450 range. My short list is currently: Audiotailor Jade Little Dot MKIII Little Dot MK IV (or IV SE) I want to be sure I don't get any hum (the Jade is rumored to be...
  11. 1

    "Vote" Solid State or Tubes..Which one is your Favourite?

  12. iHelp

    Amp for DT880 under $300

    Hey guys;   I posted in the full-size section as well, but I thought that a thread here would be beneficial. So, in that case....   I am looking for an amp to drive a (soon-to-be bought) DT880/250/600. The source is a MacBook (the polycarbonate version; OSX). So, if I need a DAC/amp...
  13. PaulyT

    Tube rolling with the Audiotailor Jade

    Hi all! Figured I'd start a rolling thread separate from the Jade review. So here goes! Please join in! Our "Jade club" here is growing nicely. The "native" Jade tubes are the 6AS7G and 12AX7. But others of these families may be used as well, such as 5998 and 5751, respectively. My many...
  14. Skylab

    REVIEW: Audiotailor “Jade” Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

    I was approached by Audiotailor to review a new tube headphone amplifier with a unique circuit design. Of course I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I cannot reveal the details of the design, but it does result in their being two headphone outputs, with different sound signatures. This is...
  15. Skylab

    REVIEW SUMMARY: A ranking of 32 tube and tube/hybrid headphone amps

    I have been asked repeatedly to do this, and I have resisted so far, but I have decided to go ahead and rank all of the tube amps that I have either formally reviewed, or that I have owned for a long time but not formally reviewed. Note that this is a HUGE range in prices, from $6,000 to...
  16. Audiotailor Jade

    Audiotailor Jade

    A unique tube amplifier with two outputs - each with its own sound signiature. The Jade uses a 6AS7G as its output tube and the input tube is a 12AX7.