1. M

    Does anyone know what happened to AudioFly?

    So I was recently told by several retail stores that AudioFly have just fallen off the face of the earth. Apparently out of business. All of their websites/socials have been removed and their emails aren’t being responded to. Does anyone know what happened to this company as many of my...


    AFT2, the second True Wireless model from Audiofly. Easy to use, industry leading Bluetooth® tech, great play time – top of the range sound. The AFT2 is here to focus the spotlight on you and your music.
  3. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless 25% off on Amazon US

    We have officially launched our AFT2 True Wireless on Amazon US! The AFT2 features: Pro grade sound – We spent a lot of time ensuring the sound quality was not just the same old signature you get from most true wireless in ears. We tuned the AFT2 to provide detailed yet enjoyable sound...
  4. audioflymarketing

    Launch of new Audiofly True Wireless

    Audiofly has today announced the launch of its second generation True Wireless In-Ear Headphones, AFT2. Locally designed and engineered in its hometown of Perth, the AFT2 continues Audiofly’s passion to take its expertise from its work with professional musicians to deliver incredible sound and...
  5. AudioFly AF100 MK2

    AudioFly AF100 MK2

    Driver type: 9mm dual-diaphragm dynamic microdriver Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz Sensitivity: 103dB at 1kHz Impedance: 16Ω Cable length: 1.2m / 47” Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated, right angle format Water resistance level: IPX-4
  6. Audiofly AF140 MK2

    Audiofly AF140 MK2

    For artists who are all about that bass. The triple hybrid-driver AF140 features one dynamic bass driver and two balanced armature drivers to deliver a rich, full-bodied bass with well-defined mids and highs.
  7. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly's IEM Review Program [second round]

    We are now looking for a new group of reviewers to try one of Audiofly Pro's in-ear monitors with their refreshed packaging and upgraded accessories. Pushing all the boundaries, Audiofly Pro IEMs’ meticulously tuned dynamic and balanced armature drivers offer a neutral, balanced and accurate...
  8. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly Pro launches new packaging and upgraded accessories

    We're excited to announce a new makeover for our Audiofly Pro range of IEMs (excluding the AF100 MK2). Locally designed and engineered in Perth, our Audiofly Pro IEMs will be outfitted with brand new colourful packaging and receive an upgrade in their included accessories. These new...
  9. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly's Review Program

    We are looking for reviewers to try one of Audiofly Pro's in-ear monitors. Pushing all the boundaries, Audiofly Pro IEMs’ meticulously tuned dynamic and balanced armature drivers offer a neutral, balanced and accurate sound - all wrapped in a user-centric design geared for the rigours of...
  10. Audiofly AF1120 MK2

    Audiofly AF1120 MK2

    Driver type: Six Balanced armature drivers with 3-way crossover Driver arrangement: Dual bass, dual mid, dual high Frequency range: 15-25kHz Crossover: Passive 3-way electronic crossover with Butterworth filter Acoustic tuning: Physical 3-way frequency divider Impedance: 11Ω Sensitivity: 109dB...
  11. Kinosan000

    Is the Audiofly silver plated cable worth it?

    I currently own a pair of Audiofly AF160 and was thinking of upgrading the cable to their slimmer, silver plated cable. Has anyone tried them and care to comment on the differences?
  12. hardbop

    Audiofly AF240 first impressions and reviews

    The Audiofly guys dropped hints about becoming more than an IEM company at last year's CES and they are almost ready to make their full-size debut this year.   The Australian company has only produced IEMs since they launched 3 years ago and they made me an instant fan with both the quality of...
  13. cjs001

    Audiofly Club Life by Tiesto in-ear headphones

    Audiofly collaborated with Tiësto to create three different kinds of in-ear headphones designed for recreational use outside the DJ booth. “It’s imperative that I hear the detail in the music, so when I heard the authentic sound quality and saw the workmanship of Audiofly in-ear headphones, I...
  14. Swimsonny

    New Audiofly Range Coming at CES

    A little while back i reviewed the Audiofly AF78. It was the first hybrid i tried and it did not quite manage a good enough crossover for me to rate or recommend it but it looked great and showed potential. Because of the 78 i looked forward to what they could do in the future and at CES next...
  15. jude

    Check Out The Head-Fi Summer 2012 Buying Guide!

    Check Out Head-Fi's Summer 2012 Buying Guide!     Click on the image above to download the Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide!   IMPORTANT NOTE: The Guide is best viewed by downloading it and viewing it in a PDF reader, not directly in your browser.   Since the release of last year's...