1. yupoet

    Audio-gd Digital Filter (flavor switch) for NFB5, NFB9, NFB10se, NFB3.1

      Starting a new discussion for Audio-gd's digital filter which is also known as "flavor switch" for NFB5, NFB9, NFB10se, NFB3.1 Any comments / reviews and discussion is appreciated.     What's advantage of setting the digital filter characteristic: Except the NOS DACs , all DACs have...
  2. F

    Metrum Octave DAC: COAX vs. TOSLINK ?

    Hi, I am considering to purchase a Metrum Octave. As source I got an Acer Revo R3700 Nettop (Win8 & jplay) with Toslink (I use a TCI Coral cable) and USB-Audio-Out. As I  can not afford to buy an Audiophilleo USB/SPDIF Converter (which seems to be the choice for a Metrum Dac) I was wondering...
  3. ursdiego

    WORKING: Audio-gd Async USB to Squeezebox Touch (up to 192k / 24b). TEAC UD-H01 and other TE8802L - based DACs may work, too.

    Hi there fellows.   Good news for audio-gd DAC or DI - users with a Squeezebox Touch! They can now be connected over Asynchronous USB.   It might work for other TE8802L - Based DACs, too. In particular for instance, TEAC UD-H01. Here is a list of some of them...
  4. LosNir

    Oritek DAC V4.0 - No 96 / 192 Khz content?

    Hi, I received my Audio-GD Digital Interface last week and I tried to listen to some high-definition content (from HDTracks), it is 24/96Khz. However when the DI is connected to my Oritek V4.0 DAC, all I can here is crackle noise :( Needless to say, 24/44.1Khz, 24/48Khz, 24/88.2Khz works fine...
  5. Firam

    Overheating Audio-gd Digital Interface

    I wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else has encountered this problem.   While trying to figure out why my DI only worked in the mornings for 15 minutes, I came to the conclusion that the clock is thrown out of spec based on the heat of the room. This isn't a ground breaking...
  6. reiserFS

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Seen this on Audio-gd's website today, not entirely sure what the purpose of this device is, but it certainly looks interesting.   Edit1: Looks like it's a USB to Coax converter. No technical details known yet.                
  7. Rune3400

    Spending money on USB converter or amplifier? Help me choose

    EDIT: Thanks for the help. I bought a Musiland 01USD 2012 edition which recived good reviews: The thread has so far not let to any conlusion regarding the importance of a quality USB -> spdif converter and nor has anyone...
  8. Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Please note: Digital Interface had both BNC and RCA coaxial output but users can connect both at same time. Summarize: Uses all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA & SOLEN caps (German brand), custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps. Digital Interface applied...