1. D

    LCD-2C vs DT1990 PRO for daily driver all-rounder headphone

    So i'm interested in buying a "high-end" pair of headphone for daily use. I'm contemplating between LCD-2C and DT1990 PRO. Which one would suit my needs the best? I listen to jazz, pop, and rock. Other suggestion other than the two headphones are also welcomed. Sorry for bad english, i'm not...
  2. siwolfman

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-3 with Carbon Fiber Headband

    The LCD-3 is a time machine that puts you in the room with your favorite artists and musicians. It’s luxuriously spacious, with powerful bass, a rich and engaging midrange, and a top-end that draws you into the music. Its rich, vibrant sound has scale and authority derived from a deep, ambient...
  3. BombayTheIndian

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-4 Headphones, Mint 200ohm Ebony Wood Version

    ***SOLD*** I have a mint pair of Audeze LCD-4s I'm selling. These are 200ohm, 2017-manufactured versions of the LCD-4 units (more reliable, fixed failure issues from the original 100ohm versions). Very lightly used, very lightly handled, and a conservative 9/10 rating. The serial number is...
  4. Astonish

    Audeze isine lx with brand new cable and tips

    whats up, I just upgraded to isine 20s so am selling these. To be honest they punch with the 20s, there wasn’t a crazy difference in sound lol Anyway they are mint condition, I’m the original owner, they were purchased new in February of this year so they have like ten months left on the...
  5. mkarikom

    LCD-2 Aluminum

    The headphones are in mint condition and function beautifully. All original documentation and accessories (including original Pelican case) are included. Price includes shipping to CONUS. You pay Paypal fees or send payment as gift.
  6. K1030

    [FS] Unterminated Audeze/ZMF Cable

    Dual 3-pin mini XLR cable. About 11 feet. Four strand braided copper cable unterminated; was plugged directly to speaker amp. Will include Neutrik 4-pin XLR for those handy with a soldering iron. Shipping and fees included. Verified PayPal only.
  7. interweb-tech

    Venus Audio Cable Discussion

    (pic provided by venus_audio, it is the same cable I received) I purchased their standard Canare style (smooth surface) cable from them in the past for my TH-X00. It is a great cable and good value. Was browsing eBay the other day and noticed Venus Audio had posted a new variation of braided...
  8. ahmadfaizadnan

    FS/FT: Mint T90 & HD6XX (both modded and balanced) - LCD2(C) trade

    Hi all, Looking to trade both of my favorite headphones with LCD2c or LCD2. or For sale with box and all accessories included. Note that both are balanced and modded and by far the best I've heard for both cans. Accessories HD6XX - original cable, third-party cable (1/4 in) and balanced...
  9. Malcolm Riverside

    SOLD: Audeze EL-8 Closed Back

    Got these brand-spanking new direct from Audeze towards the end of 2016. They’re great for portable or desktop use, are fairly lightweight and have good isolation. Comes with all original accessories and box including a 6’ cord and 4’ iPhone compatible cord both w/3.5mm terminations. The...
  10. westermac

    Audeze LCD-X (2016)

    Up for sale is my Audeze LCD-X (manufactured 2016) purchased from the original owner in January and sparingly used since then. Absolutely no scratches, dents, chips, or blemishes to speak of and they sound fantastic. Original cables (1/4" and 4-pin XLR) are included as well as original...
  11. D

    FS: Audeze iSine 10 (with Groovy Tips) [PRICE DROP] [SOLD]

    As above. Purchased 06/2017 from authorized Audeze retailer in Melbourne (RRP: 599AUD). Probably has done < 50 hours. Perfect condition - just doesn't come with the original retail packaging but almost everything that came with it (missing the one pair of the in-ear hooks because they broke)...
  12. EhmSzi


    Heyo all, Looking to get a few cans for comparison. Trying to reckon what the upcoming cans from Audeze, the Audeze Mobius, might sound. I am not familiar with Audeze's history as a company, but perhaps someone else is. Has there been some precedent for amazingly reviewed products from them or...
  13. Xovaan

    (FS) Audeze LCD-3 Headphones

    Selling my Audeze LCD-3 headphones. These were purchased new via Audeze in 2015 and has had drivers replaced 10/15/2015. I'm selling because I am now using LCD-4 headphones. Includes carrying case, newer style (braided) cable, and the comfort strap seen in the photo. Pictures...
  14. scud80

    LCD-3f, vegan, travel case, extra Q cable, 33 month warranty

    Selling my LCD-3f. Externals are a bit older but still basically like new (<100 hours worn). Drivers upgraded in January and under warranty until 2021. Leather-free pads and headband, travel case, wood care kit, Audeze balanced cable, and Q 1.5m brown silk w/ phenolic 1/4" connector included...
  15. roskodan

    [CLOSED][WTB] Audeze LCD2 / 2 Classic

    looking for an Audeze LCD2 or 2 Classic, prefer non fazor LCD2
  16. brintamatic

    Audeze LCD-X

    Updated and Serviced by Audeze in August 2017. I do vocal tuning and I used these. They are great but I just bought the bee's-knees of CIEMs so I need to offset the cost. Here's what comes with the Audeze LCD-X: Selling for $1000 Shipped/Paypaled to Cont. US Audeze LCD-X Audeze Pelican case...
  17. fragamemnon

    Heavy Metal cans recommendation

    Greetings, Head-fiers, First of all, a little bit of introduction is due. I've been lurking this forum for a long time and it has grown into my first-stop resource for most of my audio-related questions. I would like to express my gratitude for all the useful information you (the whole...
  18. sergioalb64

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-XC

    Up for sale WERE a 2017 set of LCD XC with approx. 60 hours of use: I bought these brand new direct from Audeze (11/2017, with warranty extending to 11/2020. The unit is in like new condition (9.5/10), with no scratches or issues that I can discern. Comes with bubinga wooden cups, black leather...
  19. pegasus21

    [Closed][WTB] Audeze LCD-2 or LCD variants (Spoilt or for parts)

    I'm looking for an Audeze LCD-2 or any one of it's LCD variants that is spoilt or for parts. The main thing I want is the yoke. Having the yoke rod and headband would be a bonus. Let me know how much is your asking price. Thanks
  20. John Aiello

    SOLD: Audeze LCD2-Classic

    For Sale: I am selling my 3 month old pair of the Audeze LCD2-C headphones. These are in immaculate condition. I have the original box which the headphones will be shipped in. I promised my wife I would never have more than three headphones in my collection and I am about to order the...
  21. weebull

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-3F [EU]

    Hi, SOLD
  22. Currawong

    SOLD: WyWires Red Audeze (mini-4 pin XLR) cable with 4-pin XLR extention

    SOLD. I had a bunch of WyWires Red cables made some years ago and this is the remaining one. It's a 5' (160cm) Audeze 4-pin mini-XLR cable (LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-X, LCD-XC) terminated in a mini-4pin XLR male to be used with adaptors. One adaptor is included (shown) making it a 4-pin XLR...
  23. Ellendar

    Which AMP for my Audeze/Elear

    Good day everyone :), after having some fun with my Audioquest Nighthawks for the past year I decided I wanted more. Now I sit here with the following setup: - Pioneer XDP-100R as player and DAC - Audeze LCD-2C Now I am looking for a little support, what AMP would you recommend to get a...
  24. MikeRight


  25. MikeRight


    I have decided to sell my main HiFi equipment. + All the elements are better than MINT (10/10) + All the original boxes, accessories & certificates. + First owner in all cases. + No pet and no smoking environments. Individual prices, details and pictures below. Contact me for special prices if...