1. scorpio187

    Help needed buying my first Dac/Amp combo

    Hey guys, I am in the market for a portable ''all-in-one'' rig and I need some advice.   I am planning on using it mostly with CIEM's. I'll be using my iPhone as my primary source, and sometimes laptop.    I have narrowed down my choices to these six :   Sony PHA-2 Apex Glacier Pico...
  2. 930Blue

    ALO International vs. Ray Samuels Intruder

    I am looking for the best portable amp/DAC combo and have narrowed it down to the ALO International and the Ray Samuels Intruder.    I think I will use Beyerdynamic t5p with the new protable amp dac.    Does anyone have any experience comparing the two?    Are there any other top of the...
  3. delancyst

    Desktop DAC / Amp for IEMs?

    Hi guys, what's a good desktop usb dac/amp that can drive sensitive IEMs well (already have a schiit lyr for headphone duties)? Have been looking around, seems like the ALO Pan Am is highly recommended, but I'd prefer one that can be powered solely by USB. Any issues that I need to watch out...
  4. J

    is there a way i can get a better music experience with my Samsung galaxy s 3 ?

    i was wondering if i would buy a amp would it have a big impact on my samsung galaxy s3 
  5. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...
  6. TLYFE01

    Decision made** Apex Glacier Wins**

    ***Apex Glacier Wins***

    Which is slimmest, long lasting & toughest portable amp for the ipod classic 7g.

    Need your help please.   I'm looking for a portable amp for my ipod 7g. I use it for listening to trance. Since I use iTunes they are 256 aac encoded. I will be using them with IEMs and portable headphones like (1R & HD25-1ii)   The amp should be the same size and thickness as the ipod...
  8. theque

    Mid - High End DAC/AMP Combos (Please Rate)

    All,   After hours of research I have found the following 10 DAC/AMP combos to be in the mid - high end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, there are only a few reviews on each, and very few reviews which compare them to each other. Therefore, I am attempting to start a thread where people can...
  9. Rockem

    Looking for a "dark" portable amp for my DT770 Pro/250

    Hello all,   I've recently purchased the DT770-250 and while I like the overall sound they can be a bit harsh at times Right now I'm using my E17 with a -2db on the treble. I want to get another amp for a couple of reasons:   1. The buttons of the E17 keeps pressed by mistake in...
  10. DGriff0400

    My first portable amp for my first ever set up.confused youth

     Hey Head-fi community,                                     I thinking about investing in a portable amp and possibly amp/dac combo but i have the opinion that my source is good enough atm (SGs3 with siyah). im thinking about getting a portable amp, my headphones are pretty efficient (AKG...
  11. seraphkz

    Amp/Dac for Grado PS500

    Hi Guys,   I've been researching on Head-Fi for the past couple of weeks. I'm looking to invest in a $500ish portable amp/dac combo for my Grado PS500s.    Music I enjoy listening to: Jazz     I have my choices down to   1) Alo Pan Am (I heard the amp is amazing, but the DAC...
  12. darkwasim786

    Need help deciding on an amp ASAP!!!

    hi, all you lovely people out there...   I'm stuck in a dilemma here which is that i cant decide on which portable amplifier to buy. I currently own a pair of custom 1964 quads and a pair of denon d2000's...   love the sound of both these earphones...just want an amp to pair with them  ...
  13. Kunlun

    Apex Glacier amp/dac review and appreciation thread

    The successor to the TTVJ Slim is out, the new Apex Glacier   I just got mine and I'll update this post as people start getting theirs and put up reviews and comments.   From talking to Todd, the dac is a big step up from the old one in the Slim. While the amp is basically the same, it...
  14. Apex High Fi Audio Glacier Portable Amp/Dac

    Apex High Fi Audio Glacier Portable Amp/Dac

    The newest creation from designer/engineer Pete Millett for the Apex High Fi Audio line is the portable Apex Glacier. This amp is so slim and cool! The Glacier has a great headphone amplifier section. The DAC section is 24/96 and sounds fantastic. The Glacier also has an excellent power supply...