1. radiomir

    Need help finding best hp amp section of $1,200-$2,500 DACs

    In looking for a DAC with headphone amp in this price range, I've come across the same mentions over and over: Grace Audio m903 Mytek Stereo 192-DSD DA Benchmark DAC2 Yulong DA8 Anedio D2 Linx Hilo ExaSound e20 Antelope Zodiac Gold (there is currently a used one in this price range) Most...
  2. Gary in MD

    December 2013 Mid-Level DAC Comparison

    Folks:   I intend to do a comparison of mid-level (~$500-2500) DACs in December 2013.  I will test multiple DACs and keep the one I like the best.  Period.  Everything else gets sent away.  If I end up liking my current $200 Emotiva XDA-1 best, that's the one I'll keep and everything new gets...
  3. GChiu

    Maverick Audio DAC D2

    E-mailed Ryan about their upcoming products and got the following response:   "We will launch our D2 DAC really really soon now."   Does anyone have more information? Specs? Pictures?
  4. rudi0504

    First Impression Topping D2 Dac Amp from China

    Dear all my head Fi friends   Yesterday night my Brand new Topping DAC Amp was arrived    I want sharing the Sound Quality from Topping Dac Amp D2    Source : Imac 27 " with music file WAV   Music : Audiophile . Jazz , Blues and Classical Music   Headphones : LCD 2 rev 2 , Hd...
  5. Riker

    Digital Cable from source to Anedio D2 DAC

    Hi,   I have an Anedio D2 DAC (love it BTW) and my digital source is the Sonos ZP80. Currently I have an analog RCA interconnect between the Sonos and the D2 (BlueJeans Cable Belden).   My D2 DAC is connected to my AV Processor by Kimber Hero XLR, and from the AV Process to my Amplifier...
  6. musiclover666

    Help diagnosing Zhaolu D2.5 DAC ills

    Hi all,   I recently pulled out my dac that I haven't used in a couple years due to the fact that I am getting back into headphones and wanted to see how the headphone amp sounded on it. To my surprise it sounded pretty decent except for one thing... shortly after I bought the dac, used and...
  7. _Spanky_

    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 (Dedicated DAC) - Review, FAQ & Info Thread

    TubeMagic D2 Dedicated DAC Maverick Audio Website D1 (DAC/Amp) Discussion and Review Thread D1 (DAC/Amp) Condensed FAQ and Info Thread D2 (Dedicated DAC) - Review, FAQ & Info Thread D2 (Dedicated DAC) - Head-Fi Product Page A1 (Hybrid Amp) Discussion and Review Thread A1 (Hybrid...
  8. aphinity

    Better DAC than the Anedio D2 DAC? (sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, balanced xlr outs)

    Hey all,   I've been doing a ton of research the last few months on DACs in the sub $2000 range and look forward to finally getting one.  As I mentioned in the thread title, requirements for the DAC are sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, and balanced xlr outputs for...
  9. catcherfly

    Thoughts on the Maverick Audio Tube magic A1 + D2 DAC, + the HE-500s

    Hi,  I am about to spend some money on a headphone amp, DAC, and most likely a pair of HE-500s. Presently I own a pair of Grado SR -225is that I listen to through my receiver. I have a number of questions but the most pressing is whether the A1 can power the HE-500s.  I am thinking of the A1...
  10. Happy Camper

    Anedio D2 or AN 3.1 sig.

    I am about to make a purchase and both my choices are available. One is on Agon and the other is released in Feb. Any experienced comments would be appreciated. Well, no comments and I since chose another direction. AN was too antique and the D2 too digital sounding. I chose a Lynx Hilo. Full...
  11. schneller

    Shopping for DACs in the $700-$2400 range...

    Shopping for a DAC seems to be the most difficult part of my upgrade process. There are just too many options at too many price points and too little consensus. My budget for a DAC depends on the price of the integrated with which I will pair it. If I buy, for example, a $4900 NAIM SuperNait2...
  12. Krisman

    What headphone DAC/Amps use the ESS Sabre DAC chip?

    Hi guys,   I have listened to loads of HiFi DACs that use the ESS Sabre chipset and I have always liked their signature. I was wondering if people knew any good headphone DAC/amps that also used that chip as might try a couple to see if they have the same signature with several pairs of...
  13. thenewguy21

    Basic dac questions 96/24 to 16/44.1

    I have been searching through a lot of dacs because I'm about to purchase my first expensive $1000 range dac. A lot of them say 96/24 but don't include any other sample/bitrate. Is it safe to assume all dacs support anything below what they say is their top sample/bitrate? I just want to make...
  14. ZenErik

    Best DACs with asynchronous 24/192 or higher USB and volume control? W4S DAC2? Up to $2000.

    I am looking to upgrade from my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC A but have not found many options yet.   Quality USB implementation must be a priority on my DAC of choice. I know that there are plenty of expensive DACs out there with poor USB support and still only 16/44.   Volume control is...
  15. LeoDuran


  16. ramarge3653

    Help with selecting a DAC

    Hello,   I’m considering on purchasing my first DAC, but I really don’t know where to start.  First let me explain and detail my current setup.   It’s a vinyl setup TT: VPI Scoutmaster with a Dynavector 17D3 cartridge Phono stage: Aesthetix Rhea (tube phone/pre) Marantz PM11S2...
  17. Raines

    choose dac and headphone amp desktop

    Hi guys     been thinking of DAC + headphone AMP:D     short list     audiolab M-dac   SChiit bitfrost + asgard    - i read something about a HUMMMM problem?     any other better option than these?   thanks
  18. santacore

    Lynx Hilo - new offering from Pro Audio company.

    New AD/DA converter with headphone amp from the Pro Audio company Lynx. Marketed to the small commercial and home studios market. This is a full featured box that should compete nicely with Apogee, Antelope Audio, and Lavry products. Here are links to the most current software update and best...
  19. agoston.berko

    Anedio D2 DAC release

    Anybody knows some information ?
  20. aphinity

    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    I was recently recommended to check out the Dangerous Music Source DAC in a thread I started regarding my search for great DAC w/ integrated headphone amp for sub-$2000:  ...
  21. Anedio D2 DAC

    Anedio D2 DAC

    2017: Anedio appears to no longer be in business. The D2 DAC makes it possible to enjoy the highest level of sonic clarity and musicality from your existing digital sources. Simply connect the digital outputs of CD players, DVD/Blu-Ray players, computers, and wireless music servers to the D2...