1. Danthrax

    Altec Lansing UHP606

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried these? I have them and think they are pretty good for under $30 which is what I paid for them and what seems to be their street price. I definitely liked them better than the 3's I had. Anyone else ever try these and think they were pretty good...
  2. bisayaboi

    MEElectronics M6 vs Altec Lansing 326 vs Altec Lansing 606 for running/sprinting $30

    Don't want to use my DBA-02's for running no longer.   I'm about to pull the trigger on the M6 but would like to dissapate and doubts.   I need something would good construction, microphonics and comfortability.   Sound wise, I like something mid-centric, slightly bright/forward. I...
  3. 2after909

    Earbuds, budget $50 or so. Please help a confused n00b!

    So I did some searches and the plethora of options that came up leaves me undecided. Especially since people that ask for earphones/earbuds often get recommended IEMs and stuff that doesn't really fall into the category; the only earphones recommendation is saw repeatedly are the Yuin PK3.  ...
  4. Altec Lansing UHP606 Backbeat Pro Reference Earphones (Black/Gold)

    Altec Lansing UHP606 Backbeat Pro Reference Earphones (Black/Gold)

    Music professionals know well designed earphones shouldn’t compete with outside noises. High listening volumes not only distort sound, they’re not healthy. A superior seal to block out ambient sound is critical. Once that’s achieved, only the highest definition micro-speakers will do. BackBeat...