Altec Lansing UHP606 Backbeat Pro Reference Earphones (Black/Gold)

General Information

Music professionals know well designed earphones shouldn’t compete with outside noises. High listening volumes not only distort sound, they’re not healthy. A superior seal to block out ambient sound is critical. Once that’s achieved, only the highest definition micro-speakers will do. BackBeat Pro earphones deliver both. Super flexible SnugFit™ neoprene ear tips, plus dual flange technology, conform to your ear for superior noise isolation. The balanced armature speakers – essentially full-range miniaturized speakers with built-in amplifiers – are professionally tuned for musician-grade sound. The result is true high-definition, ultra-low distortion audio that rivals recording studio reference speakers. Carry case and eight-piece fit kit included.

Latest reviews

Pros: Clear Sound, Good Isolation
Cons: Weak Bass
A good sounding set of earbuds I bought clearance out at Best Buy a few years back. They have very good sound clarity for the price and form a very good seal. They are also surprisingly durable. I have used these for a few years as my main on the go set and they have lasted through gym use and being pulled on by a growing boy through his toddler years.
The cable is both good and a bit quirky. It untangles easy but the coating makes a noticeable noise if you wear it loose.
Overall an excellent buy I was very happy with, especially for a limited budget.
2/14/14. Just an update. Still work like new. Replaced the tips a couple of times. Not bad for a pair of budget IEMs.
Pros: Strong mid, very inexpensive, balanced armature
Cons: Needs amp to bring out full potential
I bought these for about $25 shipped. Out of the box, the sound was good especially its mid; however, the bass was lacking, and the soundstage was narrow.

However, once paired with the Fiio E5 especially when set to the secret middle position, the soundstage was wider and the overall sound was much more balanced while retaining its strong mid. The bass was much stronger and tighter. The mid and high also improved as well. Overall, the sound is much more balanced and pleasantly warm. It is worth noting that the UHP606 specs stated that the impedance is at 29ohm which is higher than average IEMs so a portable amp such as the Fiio E5 is needed with this IEM.

As for construction, the UHP606 is pretty durable although it's entire body is constructed out of plastic. The wire is clear plastic, and there is a L-plug instead of a straight one which I prefer.

Overall, these IEM is a very good value that sounds very good if paired with an amp.

Pros: price (retail not MSRP) and build quality
Cons: not neutral - but many consider it a +
There are a decent upgrade and I do not regret it.  For what I paid, less than $30 I got a nice upgrade to the ear monitors I was using in the office (older Sony MDR-E535 - remember them kids?).  They isolate better (though not to the degree of my Shure SE110s).  They add some liveliness to the music (read: forward in the upper mid-range and highs)
The Shures isolate much better and for extended wear sessions (>3 hours) the Shure's are more comfortable.  It's a Shure win (pun intended).
I think there is better separation and refinement of the sound in the Shure SE110s.  Note so far I have only driven them with my Dell laptop and Apple iPod (30bg video) and H/K receiver.
I don't own a headphone amp so I am researching for the near future.  
They sound much better with an amp IMO. In my case, the Fiio E5 is enough to bring out a much more balanced IEM.


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