1. FiJAAS

    ALO audio The National vs. JDS Labs C5

    Hello. I have ordered iPod Classic and Beyerdynamic DT770 and is on the way, I'm looking for a portable amplifier to pair with them. I'm interested in ALO audio The National & JDS Labs C5. I would like to know which one is better if you had tired or have both. Thanks.
  2. phara0hseye

    RSA Shadow or ALO The National

    While the question is somewhat specific, I am quite open to add on suggestions. I'll be driving the Yamaha EPH-100 IEM and Martin Logan a Mikros 90. Occasionally the AKG Q701. I have the ALO National now. Inherited it from my Son. Not as enamored with it as he was. I find it a bit gritty and...
  3. Kizatsu

    Would like some advice on choosing a portable amp. + DAC [single unit]

    Hello, everyone;   First and foremost, I'm quite new to Head-Fi. I had an old account - which I need someone to close; so if an admin./moderator can send me a PM on this account, I will send a PM to you, with the relevant information regarding the other account -, but had hardly posted in...
  4. volcom17

    What is your take on an iMod+National+IE80 combo?

    Dear forumers, I've recently acquired an IE80 and hv been listening lossless files through my iPhone 4. Very good soundstage, with a transparent sound and I'm very happy with the bass. I'm currently burning them in and the sound is not as 'raw'. However I still feel the sound is not as...
  5. joetjie2000

    HifiMan HE-400 vs DAC

    Hello everyone!    Hope someone can give me some sound advice...    I currently listen to AT M50s powered by an ALO "The National" AMP from a Macbook Air via the headphone jack using Fiio cables.   I have some money that i want to spend on upgrading the system... but I'm stuck in the...
  6. joetjie2000

    Hifiman HE-400 vs HE-500

    Hi there!   I want to order some hifiman headphones but I'm stuck between the 400 and 500.   With the 400 i want to upgrade the cables ... but after that upgrade cost I'm pretty much at the price of the HE-500...   Should i go for the HE-500 with stock cables?   Is the He-500 far...
  7. pjones8

    sony d25 lineout

    Hi   I please forgive my complete ignorance on this matter.I recently purchased a Sony D25 along with Sennheiser hd 595 headphones,everything sounds great but I would now like to get a Slee Novo headphone amp. My question is how will this work? presumably the amp is connected to the D25 via...
  8. IsaacRCCL

    Looking for Help on Headphones

    I'm going portable with my new love for making music (Dubstep/Electro House/ Hip Hop)   So I got a New Macbook Pro/Tools and soon will have everything setup. Now I need a good pair of audio headphones to go with my portable studio. Since I do a lot of traveling I find myself in weird...
  9. MrMobius

    Leckerton 6s Mk3 OR Alo National

    Hi.  I have a pair of Marty custom woodies with Magnum v4 drivers currently being crafted by Marty and an keen on an amp, and possibly a DAC.  I would like an Alo Continental V2 with the Solo DAC but it's a tad to expensive for me right now.   Should I get a Leckerton 63 MK3 or the Alo...
  10. F

    Rx Mk3 single-ended vs National

    Hi. I have the Alo National and was wondering if getting the Rx Mk3 would be an upgrade if I use it single-ended. I'm driving Ultrasone's Signature Pro primarily and it has the single-ended stock cable. Thanks!
  11. kenman345

    Searching for a High-End Portable amp for my customs

    So I have a small issue. I have seem to have caught the audio bug. It's where you keep wanting better and better gear for yourself to enjoy. That out of the way, I have come to want more out of my current portable amp (the Pico Slim).   I have Aurisonics AS-2's: Specs: * 8Hz - 25kHz...
  12. 2

    Headphones $300-450 recommendation?

    I had klipsch image x10. I was deeply amazed how clear the sound can be from sub 200 IEM. I instantly fell in love with it's superb punchy bass,until yesterday. I left my klipsch in the laundry.   I'm looking for pair of cans that can satisfy my picky needs. I listen mainly to techno(60%)...
  13. Mdude186

    Amp for Denon AH-D5000

    Hey guys I know this has been talked about a lot, but I couldn't find much about the particular amp I had in mind, in relation to these headphones.  What do you guys think of the Headstage Arrow 12HE 4G for the Denon 5000?  Any other amps you would suggest in that price range?  (Wouldn't wanna...
  14. Dionysus

    Portable amp for HD 650

    Well I re purchased the HD 650 I sold a few months back really missed the sound. I have only used them with my Essence Stx sound card and have enjoyed the combo. But I would like to use them away from my computer so I am hoping to hear some advice on a more portable solution, amp. I read a...
  15. weemaddox

    Noise Cancelling Headphone Dilema

    Ok so don't shoot me...   I'm not not well versed with portable hi-fi equipment and technology. I have a small predicament and am not sure how to proceed...   My piece of crap Dr. Dre StudioBeats that I bought  from a colleague for $160 broke down and I plan on replacing them with a...
  16. TheKarakiri

    Alo Audio Continental V2

    Hey guys,   I need a portable amplifier to go with my portable rig. I use an Ipod 5.5g & CLAS with the Westone UM3x & Westone 4. Do you think the Continental V2 will benefit this setup?   Thanks.
  17. Vlooienuker


    Hi Head-fiers.   So I was wondering which amp I should get, I have a Cowon J3 and a pair of Westone 3's.   My budget is 500 USD.   Personally I dont really like the W3s on the flat EQ and I increase the bass slightly and the highs slightly.   Portability is a huge factor. So is...
  18. magiccabbage


    Was wondering what is the cream of the crop when it comes to portable headphone amps. I have sennheiser hd280 pro, hd 595 and hd 650. Usually dont take them outside the house but i just bought the cowon j3. I have read a lot about fiio e11 and e17. I also seen the electric avenue pa2v2 ranked at...
  19. shigzeo

    GoVibe Porta Tube+ valve headphone amp/USB DAC in review - beautiful in blue

      (For more details and further sound impressions, check out my original review of the Porta Tube+.)   If you don't know GoVibe, it is Jaben's top-end brand, consisting of headphone amps, DAC's, and sometimes, cables. Today's review encapsulates the GoVibe Porta Tube+, a 24/96kHz USB...
  20. ALO Audio The National

    ALO Audio The National

    What is The National? It's our answer to the question: "How do we make The Continental last?" With a limited supply of new Raytheon tubes available we had to determine the fate of the amp whose sound we've grown to love so much. The National has the same essential components as The Continental...