1. radisto

    Noise cancelling headphones $100

    I'm searching for passive cancelling full size headphones. I'll use them only for my PC, I plug them in this becauce it increases the volume and the bass, Because I don't live in the USA and the prices probably don't match, this is a few headphones that are in my price range:  ...
  2. dakanao

    What are some of the best maximum $80 over-ear headphones that don't leak much?

    My maximum budget is $80, and I want some crisp and clear neutral sounding over-ear comfortable headphone with not TOO much bass, but still quite a lot of bass. They also shouldn't leak a lot. I want to have them on my head for 2 hours, and they shouldn't hurt my ears or head. I own a AKG K540...
  3. dakanao

    Is there anything I can do to make vocals sound more forward, without being artificial sound on my AKG K540?

    http://en.goldenears.net/9893   They have great clarity, naturalness, good detail retrieval, and good separation, but the vocals are a little recessed. I tried pushing the 250 hz and 500 hz up, and that does make the vocals sound more forward, but then they sound very artificial. So is there...
  4. dakanao

    Why is the AKG K540 headphone so unknown on this site?

    And all the other AKG's are, like the new K545? I mean, they're $100, but seriously can compete with the Shure SRH-840! So it's weird that a headphone with such a great value is quite unknown over here...
  5. dakanao

    Shure SRH-840 vs AKG K540.

    I own the AKG K540, and I have listened to the Shure SRH-840 a few months back, and I can remember pretty well how they sound like.   The 840's are fuller sounding overall, but with clearly less bass than the K540's. Both headphones sound VERY natural when the track is recorded well, but I...
  6. dakanao

    Where can I buy earpads for the AKG K540?

    Store in the Netherlands?
  7. reeshahn

    Audio Technica ATH-WS55i or AKG K540. Which one to buy?

    I am between Audio Technica ATH-WS55i and AKG K540. I couldn't decide which one to buy yet. I will be using them together with FiiO E07K and I usually listen to electronic & rock.   Thank you in advance.
  8. dakanao

    Will the Xonar U3 take away the sibilance issues with the AKG K540?

    So the sibilance and over exaggerated highs on the K540 is a big problem for me. Will the Xonar U3 get rid of those problems?
  9. selphy

    iMod + E11 + K540

    iMod   DIY iMod on Ipod Video 5g with 60 gb HDD Battery was changed 2 months ago, HDD without bad sectors Perfect working conditions ! Great mp3 player, only HiFiMan HM-801 and Colorfly C4 are better. LOD on silver cable 4N, condensators Black Gate PK and Belkin case include  ...
  10. yoyo383

    Help!!! dt440&k540 which is better?

    like classical,  sometimes pop....thx
  11. Sawo

    AKG K540 + "Clip+" + ... (Which one PHA?)

    Hi. I want to buy a portable headphone amp. It will by use with my K540 connected to clip+ or laptop. I think about Fiio E11 and E6. E6 is cheaper, but E11 i think is better amp. Or mayby it's not so big difference? Thanks for help (and sorry for my english).
  12. dakanao

    Why does the AKG K540 sound so bad?

    I used them for like 10 minutes and they sound really bad, my $15 headphone sounds better, will they improve a lot if they're burned in? And how long do they take to burn in?
  13. dakanao

    Why does the AKG K540 sound so bad?

    Why does the AKG K540 sound so bad? The mids and highs and vocals sound really sharp and everything sounds very recessed...
  14. dakanao

    Will the AKG K540 improve when burned in?

    If so, how long does it take for them to fully burn in? As of right now, I burned them in for like 3 hours, but the sound is still as bad as in the beginning. They sound too sharp and warm, will this go away if they're burned in?
  15. dakanao

    I accidentally took off the left earpad from my AKG K540, and I can't put it back on.

    Does anybody know how I can put them back on?
  16. SolidSnake22

    100-190$ Audiophile Headphones

    Some points :   A closed back comfy headphones under $190/150EUR to buy online. Headphones that can handle Pink Floyd and Trance music perfectly. Natural sound quality and preferably a detachable cable. No use of an amp although I might buy a Xonar DG. I will be using the headphones...
  17. gregaxpuss

    Over-hear headphones for ipod/iphone without amp

    Hy guys :)   I've been reading your amazing forum for 10 days and i still don't know which headphones to buy :)   I need great over-hear headphones for listening the music from ipod (shuffle)/iphone 5(which i am about to buy =P).   Price range: app. 150€-250€ No amp! :) I am...
  18. dakanao

    Why do vocals on the AKG K540 sound so bad?

    They sound way too recessed and S words like snake sound way too sharp, my $15 headphones sound better than this piece of crap, I've burned them in for like 3 hours now but they still sound like crap, I can't return them either because of the poor build quality they're broke already :S.
  19. dakanao

    Why does the AKG K540 have such a boring sound for rap/hiphop depending on a lot of vocals?

    I mean, I feel like there isn't anything badly wrong with their sound quality (well maybe instrument separation could be better), but for rap/hiphop they just have this ''boring'' sound that doesn't engage me. I'm sitting here just listening to the music rather than enjoying it. 
  20. andrew225

    AKG K540 is too fragile

    I have bought a K540 in September 2013 and it has been broken in 3 months.  Its material quality is the worst I have ever seen.   I am extremely disappointed and will never buy any AKG headphones again.   I cannot use it any longer with those broken parts. See the photos with red marks.    
  21. dakanao

    AKG K540

    Why does the AKG K540 sound like a $40 headphone, when it's $100? 
  22. dakanao

    Sennheiser HD 448 vs AKG K540?

    So I'm new to the head-fi community, and I've been looking for new headphones for a while now, and I've narrowed it down to these 2 cans. So which is the better one in terms of comfort, sound quality and bass? I only listen to hiphop/rap so I need one with the best bass...
  23. dakanao

    AKG K540 Impressions/reviews?

    If someone has owned/owns these cans, can you give me a detailed review on these? I only listen to hiphop so bass is the most important factor for me. Also how are the mids and highs?
  24. Groog

    Looking for portable circumaural headphones?

    I'm looking to upgrade my portable listening experience and am having trouble deciding what headphone to get.   Features I'm after: Circumaural (I feel like on-ear headphones are going to fall off all the time) Able to be driven by my phone (Nexus S) or mp3 player (Sansa Clip+), i.e...
  25. Wyldeyouth

    AKG K540 mini-review

      This can be found in another AKG K540 thread, but i decided to share what i think of this pair.   [Update] After some 60h of burn-in they sound much tighter, and the depth below 500Hz has improved significantly. I'm real happy i got them ;).   Lets me start by saying that the only...