1. quietmusic

    Headphones on a budget AKG or Sennheiser or...?

    Hi guys!   I was wondering if you could you help me to decide which are the better headphones to buy :)   I live in Europe, so the choice here is not that great for headphones under $100   The options I have are :   AKG K403 AKG K512 AKG K514 AKG K518 DJ Audio Tecnica...
  2. Pedro Oliveira

    Sony Mdr V6, Creative Aurvana Live!, AKG K518 and AKG K514 MKII ( i can even trade two of them for a pair of m50's)

    Hi guys.... :)   I am from Portugal and i am selling the follwing pair of headphones:   Sony Mdr v6 - 45 euros (Bought on amazon uk, i have the document from purchase and they arrived on the 27 of may of 2013, with box and all acessories)   Creative Aurvana Live! - 45 euros (I am the...
  3. posticepurr

    AKG K514 MkII

    I'm looking for a headphone in the ~100 dollar range, and these have caught my eye. I havn't found a thread on this specific model, and almost no reviews, but the few reviews i have found seem very positive. any thoughts or experiences? They seem to run you around 90-100 dollars.   
  4. r1sh

    Headphones for gaming CoD and BF BC2

    Good day everyone!   I've blown up my mind looking for headphones 99.99% for gaming. Most of all I prefer Call of Duty Modernwarfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 both multiplayer.   As I understand, the first and most importaint point is positioning and the second is scene. For now...
  5. Melodics

    need some opinions/advices!

    hello, it's my first post here but i've been lurking around head-fi forums for quite some time now   so here it is, i will be getting my first pair of headphones soon (within the next week or so) i've reduced my options down to:   AKG K514 ATH M50 and Grados SR80   am still...
  6. mylifeforaiur

    AKG K514 - Cracks in the fake leather

    Heya all   This is a picture of my K514s, I've had them for over a year and I didn't expect the cushion to wear off so fast (but I do use them quite intensively, and it's been really cold this winter - that probably did not help). Any ideas on how to "repair" this / keep it from...
  7. L

    Total newbie suggestions: currently AKG K514, circumaural, unamped, max 300€

    Hello all, it's my first post here even if I spent the last days trying to get an idea by reading you... unfortunately, now I'm even more confused :(   Tomoroow it's my birthday, and so I decided to gift myself with a pair of good headphnes. Right now I'm using an AKG K514... but I'd like to...
  8. xllGoliathllx

    Looking for some On-Ear headphones

    I've been looking to buy my first pair of decent headphones. I definitely want on-ear and a good mix of bass and sound quality.   I'm probably going to get crap about this, but I tried on some Beats by Dr. Dre the other day. I thought they were very comfortable and sounded good, but after...
  9. REB

    AKG K500 appreciation thread: K500 owners – UNITE!

    There seems to be a lot of love for the AKG K500 here on the forums, but it doesn’t have its own thread of appreciation yet and info is scattered all over different threads. Let’s start one here and sing the praises of the K500 . (Or not; appreciation is different from fanboy-dom after all)...
  10. Coldcut

    Short review of a AKG listening session, various headphones

    Hi, went down to my local hifi dealer to get a pair of headphones for portable use, not walking or running though, will mostly be used on the train, busses, airplanes etc. Used my Iphone 4 for the tests.   Contenders are: AKG K518 DJ AKG K540 AKG K530 AKG K514 AKG K142HD AKG...
  11. Acade-lo

    AKG K514

    Anyone have this fone? What is your impression or review?   Its quality is comparable to sennheiser hd 202 and 212? despite being a semi-open and other closed. Which your think is best for games?   Thanks already!
  12. padika11

    Do I need any headphone amplifier for my AKG K514?

    Hi all!   I just bought an AKG K514 and I really like it, but I have no illusions, I know that it's an entry level headphone... I listen music from my laptop (Toshiba Sat pro l300). My question is: Does my headphone need an amp? Will I hear significant difference between the integrated...
  13. AKG K 514

    AKG K 514

    Proven AKG self-adjusting headband, leatherette ear pads and gimbal suspension for excellent comfort. Exceptional price and performance. Semi-open, circumaural earphones. Convenient single cable. Airy sound for great listening fun.