1. Jlazer

    [WTB/WTT] 4.4 mm balanced ABYSS stock or custom cable

    Hi all! Receiving a Diana Phi in the the mail next week. It's coming with two stock cables: 2.5 mm balanced and 3.5 mm with 6.5 mm adaptor. I'd prefer to have a 4.4 mm balanced that way I don't have to attach a 4.4 mm adaptor. Willing to trade for one of the other stock cables or willing to...
  2. EndGameSearch


    I'm listing my Abyss Phi with both the stock 1/4 inch and cable and a stock 2.5mm cable which I bought separately.
  3. SammYyYyY

    WTB [USA]: Abyss Diana Phi

    Looking for an Abyss Diana Phi in the United States. ONLY looking for the Phi version, NOT the V1 or V2. If you have the DMS pads that would be even better. Thanks!
  4. 20200418_202932.jpg


  5. Ragnar-BY

    WTB Looking for Abyss AB-1266 PHI TC

    I'm looking for 1266 TC in mint or near mint condition. TC only, no interest in older versions. I prefer safe payment with PayPal or cash if you can meet me in Poland. Please PM me with offers.
  6. billqs

    SOLD Abyss AB 1266 OG with CC Pads SOLD

    This is an excellent pair of Abyss AB-1266-OG with CC Pads. This is the non-phi version of the phones. This comes with 2 xlr cables and xlr to 1/4" adapter, an Abyss Headphone stand, Wooden designer keep box, Black Velvet carry bag with Abyss logo, and 2 sets of pads, the original pads and the...
  7. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Abyss 1266 Deluxe (Original)

    Up for sale is a pair of Abyss 1266 planar magnetic headphones. These are the original release and comes with the Deluxe package. Had these for a little over a year and they are in mint condition. The pads show a little wear from use, but still have plenty of life. I've heard a lot of headphones...
  8. mahesvara

    [Sold][Abyss][Price drop][1st owner] Diana Phi [PP + Fedex 3 day included]

    For sale is my Diana Phi that I bought directly from Woo Audio August 2019. It is in excellent condition (9/10). I don't put 10/10 because I'm afraid I might have overlooked anything, but I myself do not see any blemish anywhere on the headphones. It comes with the stock cable, terminated with...
  9. EndGameSearch


  10. Wifiman

    WTB Meze empyrean/Abyss 1266 phi

    I am looking to buy a pair of Meze empyrean or abyss 1266 phi. Please PM me if you have one for sale, thanks!
  11. bolim

    WTS Abyss Diana Phi (3 months old)

    Kindly consider sale of a mint Abyss Diana Phi headphone bought in Jan 2020. Standard warranty of one year applies and i have requested for an extended warranty from Abyss. Otherwise the condition is mint. Comes in original box and a really neat carrying bag. Cable is terminated with XLR 4pin...
  12. Drewligarchy

    FS: XI Formula S and Powerman

    For sale is my Formula S and Powerman, purchased new in mid 2019 from an authorized dealer. Receipt provided upon request. This is the best solid state headphone I've heard with the Abyss (and it makes sense because it was designed for it with JPS Labs), and one of my favorite headphone amps...
  13. Abyss Headphones

    ABYSS Top Of The Line videos

    We continue to expand on interesting headphone audio videos. Check out our Youtube channel... https://youtube.com/abyssheadphones
  14. N

    Abyss 1266 TC

    I'm surprised I went through the first 6-7 pages here an nothing about this headphone which a lot of people are reviewing at the best out there? I own several more and I definitely like it but calling it the best don't know about that. ....
  15. honeyjjack

    Abyss ab-1266 OG 1.9k usd

    For sale are my abyss 1266 OG No cosmetic or fuctional flaws Included all original accesories and boxes. Selling to buy 1266tc Asking for 1.9k paypal fees on you shipping on me.
  16. honeyjjack

    Abyss ab-1266 OG

    For sale are my abyss ab-1266 OG absent from any scratches and in very good condition. Comes with all original accesories and was bought from official retailer Selling for an all time low price on these to upgrade to the new tc. Super lowball price of 2k. Shipping split between us, paypal...
  17. gonzalo1004es

    1,3 m. Furutech - ADL Abyss cable

    Hi! I'm selling this 1,3m. Furutech-ADL cable for Abyss headphones. Originally an ADL iHP-35S cable for Sennheiser HD600, it was reterminated with mini XLR connectors for Abyss headphones. A very special cable, clearly different than the stock one, warmer and more inviting. I'm solely selling it...
  18. lockjaw

    Abyss 1266 OG with CC pads

    I'm using my Diana PHI most of the time so no need to own two pairs of Abyss... or until I get the bug again when I need/want a 1266 TC! :) My pair is in very nice condition, see the link to audiomart for pics and full description Small mod to allow for swapping out O rings to center ears in...
  19. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Abyss Diana Phi + 64 Audio U18T

    Hello, I'm selling an Abyss Diana Phi and a 64 U18T. Both items are in mint condition and come in the original packaging. Please see the details and pricing for each item below: 64 Audio U18T - SOLD I am the original owner and the IEMs are in mint condition. I will include the original...
  20. italiandoc1

    SOLD! (Please Close) - LCD4 - Cocobolo - Mint with Full Kit!

    Hey all, These are in near flawless condition and functioning perfectly. Comes with Amplifier Surgery balanced 4 pin XLR. See pics. Best bass response I've heard in a headphone, but don't get enough head time as I've been on an electrostatic kick and listening to 2 channel. Have good...
  21. lockjaw

    Diana PHIs for sale

    https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649536318-abyss-diana-phi-headphones-extra-balanced-cable/ Consolidating my collection, these are mint, hardly ever used as I never got into portable audio. Still use my 1266s almost exclusively Reasonable offers thx
  22. Zhanming057

    FS: Spectral DMC 30S preamp

    Putting one of my power amp sets up for sale. My Spectral dealer will do a consignment sale for me but I figure if someone here wants the system I'd cut out the middleman. Selling the following: - Spectral DMC 30S preamp. One of the few pieces from the era with full XLR in/out ability, with...
  23. mahesvara

    [Sold][Mint][Price drop] Abyss 1266 Superconductor cable. 1.8m XLR 4-pin [PP+3day Fedex included in price]

    For sale is my 1266 Superconductor headphones cable, 1.8m, terminated in XLR-4pin in mint condition. Pricing includes PayPal fee and Fedex 3-day. To clarify: this cable is meant for the 1266 series (original, CC, TC) and not the Diana series. For sale because I bought TC but ended up returning...
  24. Hoegaardener70

    [SOLD] Danacable Lazuli ULTRA for Abyss ab-1266

    SOLD - Hi there. I am selling a Dana Lazuli Ultra for Abyss balanced cable, 3m length with 4-pin XLR Eidolic ending. The Lazuli ULTRA is one step up (and double the price) of the excellent Lazuli Reference, so expect ultra high end. We are talking about this one...
  25. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - JPS Superconductor HP Cables - Abyss Phi TC/CC - 6ft / 1/4inch

    Selling my Abyss Phi TC, thus the Superconductor must go as well. https://abyss-headphones.com/products/jps-labs-superconductor-hp-upgrade-abyss-ab-1266