1. Abyss Headphones

    ABYSS Diana TC Custom Shop

    We're excited to offer unique dress to our Diana TC headphones with unique color combinations created by our in-house finishing experts. Most are one-of-a-kind, once sold we move on to the next creation. Available exclusively from the ABYSS Headphone Shop with free shipping to most countries...
  2. inseconds99

    Battle of the Summit Fi Planars (Suvara, LCD-5, Diana TC and Stealth)

    This is a quick discussion around the Summit Fi Planars (Susvara, LCD-5, Diana TC, Stealth). Let’s keep each post as neat as possible. Score all as a 1 to 5. Headphone •Comfort score •Sound score (highs/mids/lows) •Technical score (imaging/soundstage/distortion etc) •EQability score
  3. Abyss Headphones

    Something new Monday...

    Video @1 PM New York Time Monday Nov. 15th Video @1 PM New York Time Monday Nov 15th
  4. qboogie

    Eleven Audio XIAUDIO Formula S Headphone Amplifier

    Surprisingly, there has not been an official thread for this amplifier even though it has been out since 2018 and remains a TOTL solid-state. About the XIAUDIO Formula S Specifically designed for Abyss' high-performance AB-1266 planar headphone series, the Formula S enjoys near-universal...
  5. reiten966

    3D Printed Abyss Diana Phi/V2 Protective Guard

    Hey, So I have been working on this protective guard for Abyss Diana V2/Phi which should help with the paint chipping issue that many users are experiencing. I am still working on tuning the fit and will keep the update going on this thread. This project has no affiliation with the company Abyss...
  6. erik701

    Thought: When we can expect new flagship model by Abyss, Audeze, Focal, Sennheiser....?

    I was thinking about major brands in the full-size headphone industry and their release schedule, or how long till we can expect a new flagship to be introduced by those brands. I put together below metrics, which indicates how often those brands are releasing new model, of new flagship model...
  7. Abyss Headphones

    Abyss Diana V2 video review by Joshua Valour

    Wonderful review of Diana...
  8. S

    Elekit 8600 as Headphone amp: Making the good better

    Hi all, TLDR: Exploring modding the Elekit TU8600 to make it a better headphone amp. An Elekit 8600S (Lundahl) is on the way to me. My current gear is Oppo105 => Headamp GSX2 => Audeze LCD 3 and Abyss 1266 phi CC. The GSX2 is excellent and provides a nice preamp function for my Yaqin amp. It...
  9. Abyss Headphones

    ABYSS Track of the Week videos...

    We talk about the sound of an artist and track each week. First track by Billie Eilish...
  10. justin w.

    Abyss Headphones shares video of HeadAmp GS-X mini Amplifier

    Abyss Headphones has published a video showing and discussing our HeadAmp GS-X mini balanced headphone amp/pre-amp! Check it out here: HeadAmp GS-X mini - Abyss Headphones Other links: Abyss Headphones HeadAmp GS-X mini Head-Fi GS-X mini Discussion Thread
  11. Abyss Headphones

    ABYSS Top Of The Line videos

    We continue to expand on interesting headphone audio videos. Check out our Youtube channel... https://youtube.com/abyssheadphones
  12. N

    Abyss 1266 TC

    I'm surprised I went through the first 6-7 pages here an nothing about this headphone which a lot of people are reviewing at the best out there? I own several more and I definitely like it but calling it the best don't know about that. ....
  13. gonzalo1004es

    Abyss Phi & Susvara vs. HE-6 tonality

    Hi! For those who've been able to audition these three (no way to audition Abyss and Susvara in my country...), which one has a closer sound signature to the HE-6? I'm looking to upgrade and I'm searching for something in HE-6's tonality, which I love:) Thanks in advance!
  14. Abyss Headphones Diana

    Abyss Headphones Diana

    Diana is all about style, and sound. She's someone you like to have around. Designed for the person who appreciates the finest, Diana brings a classy way to wear the world's finest headphones while traveling, relaxing on the beach, or just plain looking good. Made in the USA Sculpted from solid...