Yuin OK1 Earphones

  1. Jamesdeandoa
    Nice earbud
    Written by Jamesdeandoa
    Published Mar 10, 2013
    Pros - Sounds full, good bass, great portable option
    Cons - not really a true iem
    Well firstly this is not a true iem.  The sound is about as great as one could get from an earbud.  In my limited experience and without trying the pk1, I would say these are the finest buds you can buy.  With that said, these are not for everyone, this is a niche product within an already niche market.  I find driving it with my D12 anaconda makes for a pleasurable sound, I prefer it to even my Yulong A18.  I think this is strictly a portable phone, You need an amp to drive them but you do not HAVE to go in the hifi regions to do so.  I used my matrix M stage and it sounded nice with these buds.  
    I have small ears and small ear canals so these are not really for me.  These are also 250 dollar earbuds.....
    I am probably going to trade mine, but if you have the money and the desire then why not you will not be disappointed.  These are not for 100 percent isolation, these are like if you could open back phones inside your ear.  They do not bleed sound as bad as full size open back but they have that full sound.