Yamaha YH-2

General Information

The YH-2 is one of Yamaha's famous "Orthodynamic" driven headphones. This particular model comes from the middle of it's line (YH-1, YH-2, YH-3). Yamaha released the YH-2 in 1978 as its most comfortable headphone from their line, which was styled with Mario Bellini's adjustable head strap. Of the three YH headphones, the YH-2 exerts the least amount of pressure on the listener's ears (just 150g).

Out of the box, The YH-2 sound a bit dark and mellow. The bass response is clean and thrilling but cuts out at around 40 Hz. The midrange is what Yamaha's Orthodynamic headphones are most famous for. It is very clean and sounds very real. Vocals and instruments sound natural and never fatiguing. The high end does extend a little ways but does eventually drop well before 20,000 Hz.

Like most of Yamaha's Orthodynamic headphones, they do require adequate mechanical dampening before they can reach their full potential. There are several dampening solutions, but one of the most common ones consist of a layer of felt behind the driver, followed by a layer of paper and another layer of felt.

The YH-2 is quite frequent on ebay and sells for around $50.


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