1. takato14

    WANTED: Yamaha YH/HP-1

    Finally gonna see what all the fuss is about and try these old beasts. Not sure how to price it as eBay varies wildly.   If someone's got a pair they don't want/are done with, let me know. I want a STOCK pair. I will only buy modded if the seller provides me with the means to revert them to...
  2. theleonlion

    Yamaha YH-2 Orthodynamic Headphones ♫CLEANED AND DAMPENED♫

    For sale are a pair of Yamaha YH-2 orthodynamic headphones in like new condition with no functional problems and no cosmetic blemishes except for a few cracks in the cloth headband.   I have thoroughly cleaned out the headphones and dampened the headphones using extremely fine felt and...
  3. stratowhammy

    Yamaha YH-2s - What Do You Know About Them?

    I'm looking at a pair of Yamaha YH-2 Orthodynamic headphones, and I saw that there was a tome written about Orthodynamic headphones and that there are a lot of fans of them on the site.  For a pair in very good condition, what do you think I should pay for them?  Also, because of the thin...
  4. nkkuma1

    Yamaha orthodynamic headphones YH2

     paypal as gift or add 3%. can ship to anywhere with actual cost.    YH2 in 100% working condition, headband is gone and one duct tape wrap on the wire ( no copper exposed, just wires under), pads has faded color but soft and full with no problems. 45$ plus shipping. 
  5. GRod


    * These Yamaha YH-2 headphones are mint, both cosmetically and sonically.   * They are Burgundy in color, and designed by Mario Bellini.   * Specifications:      * Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz.      * Impedance: 150 ohms.      * Diaphragm: 12 microns.      * Magnet...
  6. soundstige

    Yamaha YH-2 Vintage Orthodynamic/Planar Magnetic, highly detailed smooth sounding on-ear, Free Ship!

    Welcome all. I'm selling a pair of Yamaha YH-2 orthodynamic headphones in good overall shape. They work perfectly. They are in great cosmetic condition considering the age, though do have cracks in the cloth part of the headband, which affect neither functionality nor comfort; and some flaking...
  7. Yamaha YH-2

    Yamaha YH-2

    The YH-2 is one of Yamaha's famous "Orthodynamic" driven headphones. This particular model comes from the middle of it's line (YH-1, YH-2, YH-3). Yamaha released the YH-2 in 1978 as its most comfortable headphone from their line, which was styled with Mario Bellini's adjustable head strap. Of...