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  1. ahunatu
    Discombobulated mess
    Written by ahunatu
    Published Feb 12, 2018
    Pros - None
    Cons - Uneven, monotone, sharp, fatiguing
    I remember first hearing the Yamaha MT220's. I remember thinking Yamaha is the new king of headphones. I can't wait to see what they do next. I thought if their lower level headphones had 50% of the energy and forwardness and refinement of the MT220's, they would be an adequate and fun and maybe more consumer friendly headphone to use regularly. I was wrong.

    These are a discombobulated mess. Treble peaks meanwhile parts of treble are missing. Mid peaks, guess what parts of mids are missing. Bass...WHAT?! This is not a cheap headphone why does everything sound monotone? Huge chunks of the spectrum seem to be missing. The worst part is these are very fatiguing like trying to listen to music with a fire alarm going off in the background.

    Full disclosure the MT220's were also slightly fatiguing but you were having so much fun you barely noticed it and it was many hours later. It was something in the highs that gradually weakened you but you gotta pick your poision. These...these monstrosity's are fatiguing because of parts of the mids are unnaturally exemplified, like a background drone. Their fatiguing aspect is evident very very quickly. It is a very unrefined headphone. Everything is sharp. Even bass. How can bass be sharp!? Yes I know they are meant to be used as studio monitors but we know plenty of studio monitors that have become hi-fi consumer headphones. It even says "or for personal listening" in their description.

    Writing anything further or in depth on these is a waste of time. I would stay away from these at all costs. All I can say is; Why Yamaha why?
    1. Cinder
      I don't think that it was the bass that was sharp, but rather the upper mids and treble that accompany a drum kick or bass drop are overactive giving off that illusion.

      Sucks to hear that you had such a bad experience. I've never used Yamaha hardware.
      Cinder, Feb 13, 2018