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Wesc Maraca Headphone (Dark Shadow)

  1. ryanhaylo88
    Worst headphones ever!
    Written by ryanhaylo88
    Published Aug 22, 2013
    Pros - None
    Cons - They fit terribly, the sound quality is awful and the build quality is ridiculously bad.
    Within a day of owning these poor excuses for headphones the clips broke clean off both phones making them unusable.
    I spoke to a colleague a few days later only to find that the exact same thing happened to him! 
    Stay well away and stick with a trusted brand.
    1. takato14
      I knew these had to be bad, since they ripped off the B&O U70.
      takato14, Aug 23, 2013
  2. idubwhenimbored
    WeSC Maraca Headphone - Save Your Money for Better Cans
    Written by idubwhenimbored
    Published Sep 20, 2012
    Pros - Impressive build quality, unique and stylish retro looks
    Cons - Sound leakage, Sub-par audio quality, Bass frequencies practically non-existant, slim padding; uncomfortable to wear over 60min
    Hello Head-Fi,
    I am once again reviewing another pair of fashion headphones, simply because no one else has done a review of them. Also, the picture up top is NOT the WeSC Maraca, so if you want to see an image, just google it.
    -Supra-Aural Stereo
    -30mm driver
    -32 ohm impedance
    -120dB sensitivity
    -20Hz-20kHz frequency
    First Impression
    As a fashion company, WeSC takes great care to ensure that all of their products look ultra fashionable and totally a-la-mode today. The packaging looked simple yet elegant, and made me excited to take them out, put them on my head and listen... and look in the mirror :)
    Build Quality
    I found the build quality quite impressive on these headphones. The metal pieces on these feel quite sturdy. The plastic parts also seem very sturdy, and finished so that they don't feel cheap. Unfortunately, the padding on the headband is very slim, and the ear pads are not as cushy or comfortable as I would like. This made them uncomfortable to listen to over an hour. Also, because the cups are square, they may not fit onto everyone's ears in order to isolate sound, and if it doesn't fit you, there will be sound leakage ): Lastly, the cable is .5m long with a 1m extension. This is useful, but the cable is just a normal cable and could bend out of usage and you would have to buy a replacement if you arent careful, just as it is with all cables. All that said, at least the design is unique, retro, and sexy.
    Sound Quality
    Okay, for 70 Dollars online, you could get much better sound quality than this. Mids seem quiet. Highs do better and much more normal than other ranges. Lows. Where the hell did the bass go. This is probably an effect of the sound leakage, but seriously. It is as if the bass just packed its bags and left the soundstage completely. Very minimal presence on the lows... Like its waving goodbye as its leaving through the sound leakage.
    Final Statement
    I purchased these because I was attracted to its unique retro looks. At the time, I, like much of the world, viewed headphones as a fashion article rather than.. well, headphones. Don't get me wrong, these things look really great and I am such a fan of their looks. I would definitely recommend them for DIYers who like the look and can replace the driver, pads, cable, and fix sound isolation. Besides modification, I wouldn't recommend buying these. At $50-$70 dollars, you can get much better sound quality. Save your money for better headphones.
    Anyways, I'm relatively new here, so feedback is greatly appreciated.
      Nice review, for $50-$70 the best headphones you could get would probably be the creative aurvana live
      SONIC BOOM, Sep 21, 2012