Walnut F2

Dolly Driver

New Head-Fier
Walnut F2
Pros: Great sound
Easy to try different opamps
3.5 se and 2.5mm balanced output
Metal build
Cons: Nothing to complain about for the price of this player
I am a self appointed audiophile extraordinaire and a self appointed football expert⚽ 👍😂
I bought my Walnut F2 on AliExpress for £23.29.

The supplied charging cable stopped working after 2 charges. That went straight in the bin🗑️.

On first use there was a crackling sound audible in-between tracks. This has turned into a humming noise after a few weeks use. This noise may be unique to my unit as another owner on head-fi told me that he does not hear any noise on his F2. The noise doesn’t annoy me as such. I just know that its there. I listen out for it now😂

The sound from the player is great. The sound is warm with nice bass.

I have tried a few different opamps. OPA2604 is the original. I have tried OPA1612 and NJM5532D. Both seem to have improved the sound. I am enjoying hearing the different sounds that different opamps offer. The opamp can be easily accessed by removing the 4 Allen screws on the top of the device and lifting the top of the unit off. I have replaced all of the Allen bolts with M2 2x8mm bolts with Phillips heads for ease of removal.

The F2 only plays wav or MP3 files. There is no screen.

I love this player for the music quality 🎶and the fun factor. I have many different music players but I am finding myself reaching for the F2 every time that I want to listen to music.

Highly recommended.
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The 5532 family of op-amps do tend to have a strong upper-Bass / lower-Midbass sound, but not quite as much "air" and open Sound Stage, as some of the other op-amps (mostly more expensive models...).
If you can still find any of the discontinued LME-49720-HA (Dual Op-Amp in TO-99 round metal case), give one of them a try. :ksc75smile:
Thanks for the report, D. Now I just need to figure how to open the F2... :wink:
I purchased some small Philips Screws (I think they're 2.5mm x 8mm), and installed them on the top four corners, to make it easier to remove the top of the case.