Virtue Audio TWO.2

General Information

The TWO.2 incorporates the most requested upgrades for the 2009 Virtue TWO, integrated into a the same economical and beautiful package. The 20k stepped attenuator has a wonderful feel and virtually no distortion whatsoever. An all-new soft-start circuit allows using any high-current battery, linear, or torroidal power supply up to 30v. Imagine the "classic" and critically acclaimed Virtue TWO with more presence, deeper bass, and even more detail. A second set of input capacitors are built into the board so that you can cut low frequencies to your main speakers with a single jumper on the volume POT pcb.

We've also made a few more tweaks for 2010. Subwoofer pop: gone. Noise floor: lower. Break-in: faster. Bass: ever so slightly better.

This amp differs from the outstanding ONE.2 in three significant ways. Larger and slightly smoother bulk reserve cap. All-copper signal path, right through speaker outputs. Auricap input-caps add warmth but you can upgrade to the transparent Sonicap input-caps if you so desire! (2.2uF). Note that if using the high-pass filter, the caps will be VirtuCaps (0.1uF).

Please note that we highly recommend upgrading the standard power supply. High-current linear and battery supplies are especially amazing.

Here are some key features of the TWO.2:

High-power, reference-grade amplifier for any audio source
World-class engineering by Roger Sheker, Audience LLC and Michael Mardis
Max 30v, 87 wpc @ 4 ohms
27,000 uF power capacitor
Soft-start circuit (new for 2010!)
Sonicap (2.2uF), VirtuCap (0.1uF) input capacitors
Heatpipe thermal management
Tellurium copper Propeller Posts
Tellurium copper RCA jacks
Buffered mono subwoofer pre-out
Aluminum chasis with chrome
Available in five amazing colors


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